Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette | Review

Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette

Today, I am so excited to be posting this review about what has become one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes that I give it a ‘holy grail‘ status. The few times I declared an eyeshadow palette my holy grail was so long ago. Two years in fact. It was the Pedro Lourenco Nude Eyeshadow Quad from MAC and the Viseart Neutral Basic Palette.


Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette3

Violet Voss Cosmetics is proud to present 20 highly pigmented eye shadows in a variety of must have finishes.  Our PRO eye shadows are made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to allow for smooth blending.  The perfect go-to for any occasion to create your flawless sexy look.

The Review:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette2

The Holy Grail Eye Shadow Palette boasts of 20 eyeshadows with a combination of neutrals, browns, golds, oranges and some reds each weighing 1.8g and all in a variety of finishes. There’s mattes, satins, frosts and metallics. Just everything you need in a good quality palette. Simply enough, the palette comes in a thin, black cardboard material with a full-sized mirror inside.

All the eyeshadows have remarkable pigmentation. No one is left behind either in terms of texture, creaminess and blendability. There’s some mild creasing by the 7th hour mark when I wore it without any primer but the pigmentation held its own up until I got home late and I had to remove my makeup. The colors can both be used anytime and anyday with no limit to the combination you can use as they all compliment one another. The difficulty lies in picking favorites because of their excellent performance. But if I were pressed for an answer, I would choose Ploof, Bestie, Bat My Eyes, So Jelly, Teddy Bear, Cranberry Splash and Wine N Dine mainly for their color shades and the frequency with how much I use them. That reason pertains more for Ploof and Teddy Bear.

Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette Row 1 swatches

First row swatches

Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette Row 2 swatches

Second row swatches

Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette Row 3 swatches

Third row swatches

Violet Voss Cosmetics Holy Grail Palette Row 4 swatches

Fourth row swatches

Like I said before I even started this review. I have given it my blessing to be called a holy grail. TWO THUMBS UP all the way. I’m going to be singing praises for this palette and recommending it as long as I live! (I hope they make it permanent though.) And, if you’re an eyeshadow addict, you should get this. If you’re going to invest in an eyeshadow palette, then I highly suggest you consider this as one of your options.

This retails for $42 from Violet Voss Cosmetics. I bought it from Roxane.Ph for Php 3,500. Thank you so much girl for this. You’re the best! And for all my Filipino makeup addicts, go check out her site for more goodies.

Were you also impressed with the Holy Grail Palette? What are your thoughts?


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6 thoughts on “Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette | Review

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  2. Thanks for the swatches! Just reinforced that I don’t NEED it – I have so many colours similar to those in my stash already! But a very useful palette for people who are starting out.


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