Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Shell | Review

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Shell

After more than a year of being written on my wishlist, I finally got around to buying the Laura Mercier’s Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide. Actually, Laura Mercier was across the NARS booth and I really was planning to buy the Velvet Matte Skin Tint. However, the shade I was matched to in NARS was out of stock so the SA suggested I try this foundation of Laura Mercier instead.


Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Shell 2

This revolutionary bi-phase, two part formula is designed to deliver the most natural looking colour and lightweight coverage. Colour true pigments rest at the bottom of the package while reflective waters (Hydro-Brilliant Technology) float to the top. Vigorously shaking the package before each use ensures the pigments blend with the reflective waters to create fresh colour every time.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Shell 4

Long-wear (12 hours). Humidity-proof, sweat-proof / water resistant. Oil-free; non-comedogenic. Non-greasy; non-drying. Dermatologist tested. Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin), especially normal-to-oily skins.

The Review:

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Shell 5

The Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid comes in a regular squeeze bottle type of packaging. This is most suitable for traveling as it easily fits in my makeup pouch and doesn’t look bulky at all. The cap is the type that needs to be twisted open and close ensuring that any kind of messy foundation disaster is prevented. And it more than reassures me. I’ve had an incident before and it wasn’t pretty.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Shell 3

The foundation formula needs to be “vigorously” — and thoroughly, if I may add — shaken before used. In my experience, I need to shake the bottle for at least a minute. The first time I used it, I only did for about 20 seconds or so then I deposited some on the back of my hand. What came out was a combination of runny fluid with fleshy “globs” which was a little bit darker. A full minute of shaking guarantees the liquid foundation is properly mixed.

I thought I would be matched to Ivory but it was lighter than my neck so I went for Shell instead, which is described as fair with cool undertones. The formula dries faster than most of my foundations with the exception of the MUFE Face & Body Foundation probably because they both have thin, liquid textures. Once it dries down, I noticed it has a satin, powdery finish. It covered up my pores pretty well and evened out some of the red areas on my face. The coverage can be best described as light to buildable medium as there are times  when I have to put a second layer on areas that needed more coverage.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Shell swatch

Because I have an oily skin, I had hoped it would put up with the humid and hot weather in the Philippines particularly when it has claims of being humidity-proof and sweat-proof. Some days it gives me 4 or so hours before the need to blot out the shine arises but on the hottest days, it only seems to give me 3 hours at most. The wear time though lasts for 8 hours at least.

All in all, I pretty much favor this for everyday wear. It feels light on the skin and hasn’t broken me out yet. I just hope that it has more oil control properties and I don’t need to shake it to the ends of the earth just so the formula gets mixed thoroughly. It can be quite a hassle especially in the mornings when I’m always in a rush, you know.

Have you got yourself a bottle of this foundation too? What are your thoughts about it?

A bottle retails for Php 2,250 and is available locally in Rustan’s Department Store, by the way.



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3 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Shell | Review

  1. I had such a difficult time finding a match in this range that I gave up! I also didn’t like how messy the bottles looked – seems like it has the tendency to leak?


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