Morphe 35O Palette | Review

Morphe 35O palette2

Today, I’ll be posting my review of one of the most sought after eyeshadow palettes in the makeup and beauty community which is the Morphe 35 Color Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette. I’ve been using this most of the time the past few weeks just so I can do it justice.

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The Review:

Getting straight to the point of this post, the Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette bears 35 shades of eyeshadows that go from matte, satins, frosts and metallic finishes. It has the same black, plastic casing as the rest of their palettes. (I’ve reviewed the 35T Palette before, if you’re curious about it. Swatches are again on another post.) However, the 35O palette are full of warm toned colors with some cool ones thrown in the mix. There’s tons of oranges, tans, coppers, browns and quite a few pinks and peaches in there too. You can view my swatches of the whole palette here.

The eyeshadows again have a top-notch quality! They are just so damn soft and creamy to touch. I love to use the orange shades for my creases as it really brings more colour to my otherwise brown eyes. (I’ve only ever used neutrals on my lids before and orange shades take me one step into a world of color.) They have quite the pigment, more so for the metallic shades and there’s no fallout whatsoever.

Frankly, I think it’s more than enough that I own this instead of the separate matte and shimmer palettes that Morphe came up with. Their shimmer eyeshadows are the bomb and I abso-effin’-lutely love them to death but I need some mattes too for my crease and transition shades so I really prefer the original 35O palette. But if you’re really bent into collecting every Morphe palette ever made then go right ahead and buy them all. Goodness knows I’m close enough in putting them down on my wishlist.

Final verdict now. It’s safe to say that this palette will also get a TWO THUMBS UP from me. I can’t find any fault with it aside from the tacky plastic packaging but other than that, well this palette is simply beautiful.

Do you have the original 35O Palette too? Or did you invest in the separate matte and shimmer ones?

This product was bought thru @dreamglowboutique.


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