LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse in Ginny & Hermes | Review

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Ginny Hermes

“Once upon a time, in the land of liquid lipsticks, a brand dared to release 17 shades all related to Harry Potter.” But then Warner Bros. asked LA Splash to change their names because of an infringement of its copyright. (Awww.)

And since I am on a liquid lipstick rampage now, I figured why not try these as well. So I got the shades Ginny and Hermes. (Yes, I still found a local seller with Ginny.)



Bathe your lips in intense color! The Smitten LipTint Mousse seals color on the lips for a waterproof, smudge-proof result that will not transfer or fade. Its innovative weightless formula glides on effortlessly over lips, laying down bold vibrant color with exceptional longevity and feels feather-light over the lips. When applied, the initial liquid texture immediately dries to a velvet matte, lightweight tint. The angled, dense sponge applicator makes applying the lipstick fast and easy, and precise application.

The Review:

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Ginny Hermes2

The Smitten Liptint Mousses have metallic fuschia caps and a clear glass tube.There are a total of 18 shades all in all. Hermes is a bright pink with some lilac undertones and Ginny is a pale peachy nude. Frankly, I don’t like how Hermes looks on me. It may seem wearable on the photo below but in real life, it looks much brighter against my skin.

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Hermes


LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Ginny


When LA Splash first announced the line-up, the 2 shades I got were initially called Hermione and Ginny, respectively. But now these two shades are called Gigi and Hermes instead. It’s a pity. Harry Potter fans went ape-shit for these. At least I did and I wasn’t even into the whole liquid lipsticks scenario at that time. I seriously considered getting a couple of tubes just because I am a fan.

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Ginny Hermes swatches

The trick to applying these lip tints is prepping your lips by exfoliating and applying a lip balm before hand. Next, pat off any excess balm. You only need one layer of the lip tint to spread evenly. I’ve tried adding a second layer and it just made it worse. There was flaking and tons of cracking going on, believe me. I had to wipe it all off and restart again to get it right.

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Hermes lip swatch


These things are waterproof and definitely budge-proof. They last a long, long time but because they dry down to a matte finish, my lips just felt too dry half way through the day. It was a challenge taking them off too and not a simple makeup remover can easily remove the color.

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Ginny lip swatch


Among the two I bought, I can see myself wearing Ginny more often because then I can always pair it with a smokey eye and not look awkward or anything. Hermes, on the other hand… Well, anything with lilac undertones always puts me off.

I  bought these from @lipstickallucan for Php 600 each.

What shades from this collection do you have?


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