Makeup Revolution Highlighting Powder Palette | Review

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette3

I can’t believe I’ve gone from a highlight-hater to a highlight lover in such a short time! Yes, this is another highlighter review. (They just keep on coming!) And this one is from one of London’s affordable revolutionary makeup brand, Makeup Revolution.


Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette

Our HIGHLIGHTER palette is here! “Take the Light With You”
Containing our 3 best-selling VIVID Baked Highlighters in 1 palette.
Peach Lights, Pink Lights & Golden Lights in one sophisticated palette with full-size mirror.

The Review:

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette2

The Highlighting Powder Palette from Makeup Revolution comes in a simple black plastic rectangular palette with a full-sized mirror. Each highlighter weighs about 15g so that’s 5 g each shade. From left to right there’s Golden Lights, a pale yellow, Peach Lights, a light peachy and  Pink Lights, a slightly blue-based, pale pink. All three of them have a significant amount of shimmer in them.

The highlighting powders have a soft feeling to it, not so finely-milled as I ‘d prefer but it’s hardly noticeable especially when it blends like a dream. Also it gives off this beautiful glow and considering it’s a drugstore brand, I thought the shimmer would be strong to the point of “chunky glitter level” but it’s not. The shimmer present is just enough that a few strokes of a brush on the high points of my face will deliver a gorgeous luminous effect. Fall outs happen once in a while but nothing too messy that it gets everywhere. Each shade lasts about 5 to 6 hours on me.

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette swatches

As my first ever Makeup Revolution product, I am quite impressed with how each performed. My absolute favorite is Golden Lights followed by Pink Lights. They both look so good against my skin. Again, you’ll notice how I favor the whitish highlighter more. I really can’t help myself.

Get this palette at the Makeup Revolution Store. Own palette bought from @lipstickallucan for Php 850.

Have you tried the Vivid Baked Highlighters from Makeup Revolution? What did you think?


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