LA Splash Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fantasy | Review

LA Splash Velvet Matte Fantasy

Liquid lipsticks have taken over my lips at the moment (along with white highlighters, heh). I know they’ve been the hype for a long time now and my slow brain is just catching up with that trend. I was wary about anything that could further dry my already dry lips but I have been obsessing about a particular lip color that I frequently see in most brands of liquid lipstick so I got hooked. The first one to get my blood pumping was Fantasy from LA Splash.



Introducing the forbidden kiss collection, fall in love with 6 custom shades infused with a custom fragrance blend special for the holidays, enriched with Vitamin E to for a matte finish without drying your lips.

LA Splash Velvet Matte Fantasy2

The Review:

LA Splash Velvet Matte Fantasy3

Fantasy is a light rosy brown with some warm tones. Out of the 6 shades from the Forbidden Kiss collection, it was the one I deemed work-appropriate. Meaning, not too bold or loud and not too pale either. Just the right matte version of my-lips-but-better effect. It comes with a wand applicator that seems okay enough to apply the liquid lipstick using the blunt edge to outline and the body to fill in the lips.

LA Splash Velvet Matte Fantasy swatch

I’ve gotten quite a number of compliment every time I wear this. Mostly, with how long lasting the color is. I mean, I put it on at around 8 in the morning before I go see patients at work and I go home in the evening and take my makeup off at around 7 pm only to see the color still there. That’s near the 12-hour mark! Honestly, it’s not as pristine as it once was when I first applied it — some areas are faded especially after drinking and eating — but the point is it hasn’t completely rubbed off during the whole day unlike a regular lipstick. It’s mighty impressive by my standards.

LA Splash Velvet Matte Fantasy lip swatch

Except for the drying and some lip chapping issues by the end of the day, I would definitely wear Fantasy everyday if my lips permit it. I’m just crazy about the color.

Do you know any other dupes for this shade? I would really love to know!


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5 thoughts on “LA Splash Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fantasy | Review

  1. Haven’t tried a liquid lipstick before and never tried any product from LA Splash. I need to try this soon because the color is just so beautiful!

    Elle //


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