Dior Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder in Glowing Pink | Review

Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder Glowing Pink

This spring has been all about highlighters, haven’t you noticed? It seems like strobing is not a trend that will let up that easily. And Dior has released a beautiful highlighter in a floral pattern that got my attention.


Dior cultivates the art of a beautiful glow in what are now considered must-haves, inspired by the techniques of professional makeup artists and the products they use backstage, like Lip Glow, the Colour Reviver Lip Balm. This spring, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, reinterprets the art of a gorgeous glow with a luminous makeup collection that teams new Backstage Pros essentials with eyeshadows and lipsticks in colours inspired by the flower gardens of Granville.


Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder Glowing Pink2

To sculpt the face with touches of light, Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens draws inspiration from the technique of strobing. This powder with extremely fine illuminating pigments is embossed with a delicate floral motif.

The Review:

Glowing Pink is described as a pearly pale pink. While it doesn’t look pinkish in my swatch, in real life it does look a bit cool toned in the pan. (Anyway I turn it, I can’t see the pink. Sigh.) But more or less, it appears like a whitish champagne-like with a slight shimmer against my neutral skin. I haven’t noticed the pink tones I’ve been seeing on everyone else’s swatches every time I’ve put it on but I’m hoping it will appear one day. Maybe there’s a certain time of day that when the sunlight hits it, it’ll look more so? Because dang it, do you know what’s more beautiful than a champagne-white glow for me? A pearly white-pink!

Anyway, the powder is finely-milled and the formula is so soft as one would expect coming from Dior. It’s easy to blend it on the skin and it’s not powdery at all which is usually the case for something as fine as this. I haven’t experienced my pores becoming more emphasized than they already are when I have this on and it lasts me about 9 hours before I see it totally faded.

The one thing I majorly love about this highlight is how it doesn’t look so intense, if you get what I mean. True, the powder has great pigmentation but the shimmer in it is not so noticeable that your skin will practically scream, “GLITTER!“. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but sometimes I just want to tone down the highlight a bit, make it subtle. With Glowing Pink, I just have a glowing, luminous skin.

Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder Glowing Pink swatch

I don’t dip my brush in this highlighter as often as I want to. Mainly because I don’t want to ruin the floral pattern. That and the exorbitant price of $58 is just too much for me to get a back up.  I’ve never tried other highlighters from Dior before but if they are indeed similar in terms of finish and texture, I think I might get addicted. Yikes!

Do you have this Dior highlighter too? Or did you manage to snag the other one?

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