MAC I’ll Hold My Breath Blush Duo | Review

MAC I'll Hold My Breath Blush Duo2

I’m such a bad blogger that I let the review of this particular product get pushed to March. In fact I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and type down my thoughts. It’s been months already but I hope you’ll get to enjoy this.


MAC I'll Hold My Breath Blush Duo

Ellie Goulding’s Powder Blush Duo in I’ll Hold My Breath combines two shades of MAC’s celebrated colour for cheeks and face. Pearly peach-pink complements a medium-toned warm bronze in one gorgeous compact. Special packaging features Ellie’s triangular logo debossed into the pressed powder and emblazoned on the compact in a striking rose gold.

The Review:

MAC I'll Hold My Breath Blush Duo3

I’ll Hold My Breath Blush Duo is combination of a medium warm bronze with a matte finish and a peachy pink pearl blush that can only be described as satin. The packaging is nothing special. I do like the rose and black combination, also Ellie Goulding’s logo outside the compact, more so across the pan.

I noticed the bronzer has some gold shimmers to it. It’s not very noticeable so it doesn’t emphasize the pores. The powder itself has a smooth texture although a little on the dry side (but much better from the Rihanna blush duo– that one barely got used — released before from what I can remember). It was somewhat trying to get the swatch you can see below — I had to swipe the pan several times to make it look like that. Although curious enough, I never have a hard time picking up the color with a brush when I apply it on my cheeks. The pigment wasn’t anywhere near as opaque as I would have like but it works if you like a subtle warmth. The blush on the other hand has a softer texture and is definitely more pigmented. It seems more like a pinkish coral to me rather than peach. Both shades blended quite nicely and evenly lasting from 6 to 9 hours. The blush was also the one that lasted longer on my skin.

MAC I'll Hold My Breath Blush Duo swatches

Both shades are very dupable in my opinion. If I had more time, I would be looking up and down my collection for similar shades. But I’ve seen Temptalia‘s list of dupes and it’s pretty long so you can head there instead.

I admit that I only bought this compact because it was part of the Ellie Goulding collection and being a huge fan of the artist, I had to get it. Among the items in her collection, this was on the top of my list.

Were you able to get this limited edition product from MAC?

*Bought via @designerdepotph


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2 thoughts on “MAC I’ll Hold My Breath Blush Duo | Review

  1. Hi, Great post and awesome choice! So pretty! I just put up a post on my favorite high end nude lipsticks. The top 2 are from MAC. You may like the post, if you like take a look. I will have more MAC posts soon, so stay tuned…. Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂


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