My First Morphe Haul

Morphe haul

After a long time deciding, I have finally given in to the Morphe craze.

It was a tough choice. Anyone who will visit the Morphe website for the first time will undoubtedly have a difficult time choosing items for their first purchase. It took me months, by the way.

In the end, I got the 35T Palette and some brushes: M501, M330, M439 and M527.

Morphe brushes

This won’t certainly be the last Morphe haul you’ll be hearing from me. I got tons on my wishlist especially that 35O palette which is always out of stock. Morphe should hold restocking that palette until they’ve produced about a million of those so that everyone can order it and no one will get left behind. LOL!

I’ll post swatches probably on the weekend. And I’ll be taking my oh-so-sweet time with the palette before doing a review.

All these are ordered thru @prettymoody. See you guys soon!


name sign

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