Real Life Lately: Blogging Setback

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Hey guys! I’ve got some bad news. Before you jump ahead with wild thoughts of me abandoning this blog — by the way, no I’m not going to quit blogging — or worse scenarios about what happened, I just want to warn you of a major setback on my blog.

My laptop was stolen on my birthday weeks ago…


… which has everything on it, my work, and all of my photos and drafts for my blog.

I don’t have backups of every file in there. I was planning to because I was starting to organize the files on my desktop but then, poof! All gone. Currently, I’m typing this on my sister’s laptop

I hope you’ll be more patient with me as most of the time, I’ll be working on, or trying to recover, the files I lost. I’ll be checking what photos I still have with me (like the one above), hopefully some edited ones so I can at least get a few entries up every now and then (because I have a lot to review and the backlog is piling up!).

Thank you for understanding. I’ll see you around soon!


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