My Beauty Resolutions for 2016

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Hey guys!

How was the first days of your January so far? My mind has been slowly transitioning back to work last weekend as I had go back to the hospital yesterday. Well now, for today, I’d like to tell you my beauty resolutions for this year. Let’s start.

1. Adopt a skincare regimen and stick to it. Surprise. You’d think that being a dermatologist resident, I would be more rigid in my skincare. I once was, before I started my residency but I became too busy and the work was so tiring that what happens nowadays is I take off my makeup with a remover, wash my face and if I’m not too sleepy, apply night cream. This year, I’ll try to stick to follow a skincare regimen throughout the whole year.

2. Be more healthy. It seems like I make this resolution every year but even my diet was affected by my residency. I gorged too much on fast food, junk food and too much sugar (gummy candies became my daily comfort food) everytime I’m feeling stressed. So this year, I vow to decrease my junk food intake (not like I can stop altogether) and just eat more healthily.

3. Use up a lipstick tube. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do this but I really want to try. That would be a major achievement.

4. Use more colors on my eyeshadows. I’m a neutral lover which can be attested by my palettes. I do have the occasional greens and blues but I barely touch them and the last time I experimented with something other than anything neutral was 2 years ago. This year I’ll try to dabble more in other colors aside browns, beiges and other neutrals. Which gives me plenty of reason to get a new palette.

5. Stop hoarding beauty products. This is one resolution that I have to be extremely strict about. I’ve been buying less limited edition makeup, as seen by my hauls from last year compared to my 2014 buying policy (less MAC products if you’ve noticed), and I hope this will continue as well when it comes to other brands.

These are all I hope I can accomplish by the end of this year. Your turn now, what are your beauty resolutions for 2016?


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