Swatch Day Sunday Vol.9: Battle of the Heaux’s

MAC Heaux vs Heaux

I’ve got two Heaux’s, the left and the right.

You won’t believe how that line has been repeatedly sung inside my head.

I shouldn’t be posting this since the lipstick is a limited edition but it’s still available at the House of Fraser.Β 

The Swatch:

MAC Heaux vs Heaux2

Heaux is described as a berry, both the retro matte and the most recently re-released amplified version.

MAC Amplified Heaux, Retro Matte Heaux swatches

Amplified Heaux vs Retro matte Heaux



When Heaux first came out, there were some who remarked that Rebel can be its dupe since the former is a limited edition shade (which in my opinion should be made permanent!)

MAC Amplified Heax, Retro Matte Heaux, Rebel swatches

Heaux vs Heaux vs Rebel

As you can see above, Rebel has more purple compared to both Heaux’s. There is no way that Rebel can ever be a substitute for Heaux. And neither the retro matte Heaux or the amplified version of it look alike.

What do you think?


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