Lorac Pro Contour Palette | Review

Lorac Pro Contour Palette

How many of you have watched countless videos about contouring? Or about the most recent makeup fad, strobing? Well I have. And I couldn’t really master any of the techniques I saw. I don’t think I can remember them either.

No matter how many times I watch those videos, I don’t think I can skillfully contour the same way.

But for today’s review, I’ll tell you my experience with the Lorac Pro Contour Palette.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette3



Go PRO with LORAC PRO Contour Palette! Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette contains 2 matte highlighters, 1 shimmer highlighter and 3 matte contour shades to easily create perfectly sculpted features. LORAC’s velvety-smooth, blendable highlighting and contouring powders are fragrance-free and ultra-pigmented so you can highlight and contour, just like a PRO.

The Review:

Lorac Pro Contour Palette2

You’ll get the Lorac Pro Contour Palette in a black cardboard type of packaging, same as the rest of the other Lorac palettes. It contains 3 highlight shades and 3 contour shades, five of which have a matte finish and one with some shimmer, one contour brush and an instructional booklet. The cardboard palette is pretty slim but it’s a dirt magnet. Mine is still quite new; I shouldn’t be complaining. There’s hardly any dirt on it but I have another Lorac palette that’ll predict what it might look like months from now. I know it’s not going to stay as pristine as it is now.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette highlight swatches

From L to R: Beige Highlight | Yellow Highlight | Shimmer Highlight

The 3 highlight shades are as follows. The Beige Highlight which is a neutral, matte light beige; the Yellow Highlight which is a light yellow with a matte finish, and the Shimmer Highlight which is a frosted white. Surprisingly, the last shade isn’t shimmery at all as I was expecting.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette contour swatches

From L to R: Light Contour | Deep Contour | Medium Contour

The 3 contour shades are Light Contour, a neutral light brown with a matte finish; Deep Contour, a deep, medium-to-dark, muddy brown with a matte finish, and Medium Contour, a medium, dark brown with some warm undertones and a matte finish.

All of the powders have good pigmentation with soft, and smooth texture that’s easily blendable and lasts on me for at least 7 hours. Because of the soft texture, some of the shades kicked up a little bit of powder whenever I’d pick up some product — some more than the others. But it never looked powdery or cakey on the skin.

When I first got the palette, I didn’t know what to do with the highlighting shades. I knew what they were for but I haven’t had much experience with them. But now, I am completely and absolutely smitten with them! Both the Beige Highlight and Yellow Highlight, I mean. I got the idea of combining both shades from one of Jaclyn Hill’s tutorial when she used another contour palette with similar highlighting shades to set the concealer underneath her eyes. And what do you know, it works just as brilliantly on me too. My under eye area looks as immaculate as it had been when I first set it with the powder going as far as 9 hours without fading or streaking.

It’s a shame though that none of the shades can be bought individually because I would definitely buy refills of the two matte highlighters if I hit pan.

The contour palette retails for $45 in the US. I bought this from Bon Marche for Php 2,300. For more contouring and highlighting tips, visit the PRO Contour page over at Lorac Cosmetics.

Have you tried the Lorac Pro Contour Palette? What contouring product are you using?


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