Givenchy Le Rouge in #318 Rouge Acajou | Review

Givenchy Le Rouge Rouge Acajou2

So here’s the review for one of the newest Givenchy Le Rouge I got from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

I’ll be starting with Rouge Acajou.

The Review:

Givenchy Le Rouge Rouge Acajou3

#318 Rouge Acajou is described as a delicious brick red that amps up the vampiness. Those are words from Escentual by the way, not mine. If that description doesn’t lure you in for the holidays with flashes of warm red going thru your mind then I don’t know what will.

Givenchy Le Rouge Rouge Acajou

I don’t have anything in my stash resembling a brick red so this would be a first for me. Honestly, I don’t find the appeal in wearing a brick red so I always steer clear from them. They look too warm on me. But I have faith on the people behind the Le Rouge line. So far, they have never created a shade that I don’t want to wear.

Givenchy Le Rouge Rouge Acajou swatch

Rouge Acajou seems more like an orange-red on my lips but on my arm, it does look like a warm brick red with some brown undertones. Considering it sold out in the UK where it’s an exclusive shade, I haven’t read a lot of reviews and the ones I stumbled upon require translating. I thought certain beauty bloggers over there would be able to give a review before I got my hands on this.

Givenchy Le Rouge Rouge Acajou lip swatch

As expected, Rouge Acajou has a good color pay-off and applies easily onto my ever dry lips. I think I can work with this shade . As I type this review and stare every now and then at my swatches, I admit the color is warming up to me, pun intended. Haha!

Ordered via @designerdepotph from Escentual.

Were you able to get this limited edition shade from Givenchy?


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