L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation (F2 Rose Porcelain) | Review

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

When I heard L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation was reformulated, I admit I got curious. Here was one of those products that got so much praise online that it was deemed the world’s no. 1 foundation.

Just in time too as I wanted a new foundation to play with.



A lightweight liquid foundation that precisely matches your skin tone. Automatically adjusts to your skin texture for the most natural-looking finish; features true-to-skin shades for warm, cool, and neutral tones; covers and conceals imperfections with a fine, creamy texture; leaves a natural-looking silky finish that blends seamlessly onto skin.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation3

True Match comes in 15 shades that match Filipina complexions – from fair, medium, to morena skin tones. But it goes to the next level by considering undertones – the color that is reflected underneath the skin, determined by the genes. Each True Match shade also matches a specific undertone – warm, neutral, or cool. From Kimpossibly Gorgeous.

The Review:

L'Oreal True Match Foundation2

At initial glance at the photos of different females who were matched to the 15 shades available of the reformulated range, I suspected N3 Nude Vanilla to be my match. Three PCX’s and 2 L’Oreal booths in two different department stores later, I was still without a bottle. The only shades available were the fairest (F1 Rose Ivory) and the ones in the medium range (G3, W3, N4 & G4). I was so bummed out that on the next L’Oreal booth I passed by I had bought F2 Rose Porcelain without thought to the consequence of being mismatched and paler than usual. After all it was just 2 shades lighter than my supposed match. What can go wrong, right? Well, thank the heavens for my gutsy move because F2 is a perfect match for me!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation4

The new True Match Liquid Foundation comes in a see-through glass bottle with its own pump. It does look classy for a drugstore brand, I admit. Half a pump is enough for me to use on my entire face offering medium coverage and a lightweight feel. The liquid foundation has a more runny consistency compared to others I’ve been using. Blendability is pretty alright and it didn’t streak or look cakey at all.

There’s a lightly luminous finish to it that I can’t exactly pinpoint every single time. I mean, there are times when I think it has a satin finish, especially if I look closely in the mirror and there are other times when I can say that it’t not entirely that, like I have a glow. No problem though, a bit of setting powder takes care of that. After 5 hours of wear, I’m a little bit dewy, particularly on the nose, which is entirely forgivable still. I’d actually expected my face to be shinier around this time considering the “glow” effect I noticed on first application. The wear time is not bad at all too. I mean, 8-9 hours ain’t bad at all right? That’ll last me a whole day.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation F2 Rose Porcelain swatch

One bottle sells for Php 600 and should be available in all L’Oreal booths nationwide. For a complete shade range, I highly suggest going to a leading department store near you. Or you can store hop too just like I did. Heh.

Have you tried the new True Match Liquid Foundation?


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3 thoughts on “L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation (F2 Rose Porcelain) | Review

  1. I used this ages ago and really liked the formula, but I was turned off by the North American packaging, which is just in a pour bottle. It’s a super liquidy formula so it wasn’t ideal packaging – lots of mess! I really hope L’Oreal decides to change our packaging to the pump bottle – I’d be interested in trying the new formulation! The colour range looks amazing – I think I’d be N3 Nude Vanilla.


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