Givenchy Beauty Vinyl Collection 2015

Givenchy Le Rouge Vinyl Collection 2015

For their Autumn/Winter collection, Givenchy amps up the season with some reds for a limited time with Le Rouges. This collection isn’t available in the US but I was able to buy them thru one of my favorite Instagram seller, @designerdepotph.

The Collection:



Luxe, shiny and reflective and when it clings to the body, the object of fantasy.
Depicting this timeless textile, Givenchy Vinyl Collection’s rich array of colors and textures come alive with light. Inspired by master lacquerers, VINYL COLLECTION is an Haute Couture collection that transcends fantasy.

With all new textures and vivid shades packed with spectacular shine, Vinyl is an ultra-modern, yet sophisticated statement in mirror-like brightness for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails.


“Of course no Givenchy Collection would be complete without Le Rouge. Drench your lips in classic red with your choice of Rouge Acajou No. 318 Or Rouge Intense No. 319. Limited Edition.”

No.318 Rouge Acajou is described as a brick red while No.319 Rouge Intense is described as a deep classic red. That’s all have to offer for now.

Let me enjoy these two for a while before I give my final say. Hopefully, reviews will be up the next few days.


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