Fashion For A Cause: Little Black Box

Wear Little Black Box

I don’t really post anything fashion-related. Mostly because I take my own photos and I’m not big on editing them. It’s time-consuming and time is the one thing I rarely have. Working on my blog around my schedule requires a lot of free time so I usually work on with what I have during breaks and long weekends.

For today, I would like to tell you about something I stumbled upon thanks to Shari of The Misty Mom.



Our mission is to make sustainable, chic and fabulous jewelry pieces accessible to the modern day woman.

We do our best to anticipate our customers’ fashion accessory needs and meet them with designs that reveal extraordinary standards via an e-commerce platform.

Our intention is to constantly develop our products to meet the expectations of a woman who, above anything, values her time.

Even if you don’t know exactly what style you’re going for, our task is to provide a combination of designs that could go from classic to trendy, destined to adorn you for a month to an entire year.

Inside the Box:

Wear Little Black Box 2

What you’ll get once a month should you subscribe are three pieces of jewelry placed inside a black box tied with a white ribbon.

Wear Little Black Box 3

I’m not going to go on and on about the details and contents of the box. I think the pictures I have posted are more than enough to show you the necklaces I got for last month’s subscription.

Wear Little Black Box 4

It helps to know that proceeds of this jewelry subscription box will fund help Habitat for Humanity Philippines and Mano Amiga Academy Philippines.

You can also check Little Black Box on their Instagram account, @wearlbb.

name sign

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