Swatch Day Sunday Vol.4: My Dior Nudes

Dior Ingenue

Pairing smoky eyes with a nude lip color is a no-brainer. (But sometimes, I do dabble with the occasional red and fuchsia in the evenings.)

And since I’m heavily favouring some smoky looks for the rainy season, I’ve been picking out the most hydrating nude lipsticks in my stash.

So for today’s edition of Swatch Day Sunday, I bring you two of my Rouge Dior Nude lipsticks.

The Swatch:

169 Grege is described as a warm peach blush…

Dior Grege2
Dior Grege lip swatch

… while 418 Ingenue is described as a warm orange beige.

Dior Ingenue2
Dior Ingenue lip swatch

It doesn’t really matter which one I use. They look exactly alike don’t you think? Except sometimes, I do see more orange undertones in Ingenue and more peach in Grege.

Dior Ingenue swatch
Side by side comparison. Can you tell the difference?


Maybe the next time I’ll pick a Dior lipstick, it shouldn’t look beige or peachy at all noh? LOL.

How about you? Do you own any of the Rouge Dior Nudes?


name sign

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2 thoughts on “Swatch Day Sunday Vol.4: My Dior Nudes

  1. OMG. I love both! I hate seeing pale orange lipsticks being pulled off by other people. I haven’t honed my orange sense yet and tend to get overly excited about every single thing… they don’t always look good on me 😦


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