Game Changer Series Vol.7: Silicone Free For A Happy Skin

Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation


     an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.

There was a time when I thought that no foundation would ever suit my skin. Insert sad face here.

Of course this was before I got into Dermatology.

The problem was when I use a certain foundation, I’d either get bumps on my face immediately or after a couple days and I always attributed that to stress, the climate or a certain time of the month. It wasn’t until a friend of mine mentioned how she was sensitive to the silicones in some foundations that got me thinking maybe it’s the same with me.

And so began a not-quite long journey on discovering silicone-free foundations. It was touch and go for a while, trying out different brands until Happy Skin Cosmetics launched their line last 2013.

The Promise:

Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation2

Level up your look every single day. With Happy Skin Second Skin Crème, you get to channel a better version of yourself—the glowing, healthy, supple kind. This is the double-letter cream that has a skin-improving, color-adjusting tinge that mimics your actual making you look like yourself, only waaay better. It instantly lends the skin a natural veil that smoothens the surface and a soft-focus powder that diffuses light and minimizes the appearance of pores. Plus, it improves skin quality with continued use. Wear it every day, all-day—at the beach, to the gym, on a date…

The Experience:

Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation3

The Second Skin Crème Silicone Free Foundation comes in a light blue-beige squeeze tube containing 30 ml of product. They only offer two shades, 01 Soft Beige and 02 Natural Beige. Eager to try out the product when I first heard about the launch, I bought Soft Beige as soon as I got to a Plains and Prints store in Alabang Town Center.

The foundation gives a light to medium buildable coverage leaving  a natural, satin finish after application. Which is absolutely perfect for me as I prefer a more natural look. There’s no off-putting scent I can detect. The formula of the product is light and creamy so you can achieve that no-makeup makeup look. My pores and some acne marks are blurred out; the rosy areas of my face gets dulled enough that I don’t look like I’ve spent some time under the sun.

Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation swatch
That’s Soft Beige, yo!

On a very humid day (let’s think at least 40 degrees Celsius in the Philippines), while working in a city hospital, I get at least 5 hours of wear from this foundation without any smidge of shine. After the 5th hour mark, my oily skin comes to full blast, being more noticeable on the sides of my nose rather than on the t-zone. It also begins to fade too around that time. The most important benefit that I get from using this product is I don’t worry about getting a silicone-related reaction. This does not mean I don’t have comedones (translation: blackheads and whiteheads), I do, particularly on my chin but with daily use, this foundation doesn’t cause more breakouts.

I’ve been using it since 2013 and not once did I ever end up with a nasty pimple. This stuff is so good that it’s still sitting on top of my vanity table. On weekends, I keep it in rotation along with some BB creams. I keep using it because I know it delivers.

The Second Skin Crème Silicone Free Foundation retails for Php 1,199 and is available in selected Rustan’s Department Stores, SM Department Stores, Beauty Bar and Plains & Prints. Or you can just shop online at Happy Skin Cosmetics.

Dudes, especially for anyone who’s in the Philippines, you have to explore the brand. They’re totally amazing!
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2 thoughts on “Game Changer Series Vol.7: Silicone Free For A Happy Skin

  1. I also noticed lately few bumps on my face, can it be due to makeup products containing Silicone? I never get a chance to check the ingredients of my makeup products esp. the BB creams or foundation.


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