Inglot YSM Foundation #41 and #49 | Review

Inglot YSM Foundation3

When a friend told me it was okay to borrow some of her makeup, it was like a green light went off in my mind. I did not hesitate at all. One of the items she let me use was her Inglot YSM Foundation which she rarely reaches for because her acidic skin turns it darker after a few hours. Honestly, I first tried this back at the Inglot store in SM Mall of Asia and I was impressed from the start that I promised I’d go back for it. But being a busy bee, I hadn’t had the time to.

Seeing as how it didn’t oxidize on my skin, my friend up and gave her two tubes to me! Thankfully, one was the shade matched to me in the store.

The Promise:

Inglot YSM Foundation4

A long lasting, lightweight foundation with mattifying agents. Provides a smooth, natural looking matte finish whilst leaving the skin radiant and comfortably plumped up.


The Review:

Inglot YSM Foundation5

The YSM (Young Skin Makeup) Foundation is one of Inglot’s bestsellers from what I gathered. It comes in a clear, no-fuss-straight-up, plastic tube with a black cap. There’s no fancy-schmancy packaging involved and you can control the amount of product you can squeeze out of it with just enough force. The only downside I can think of with this type of packaging is when it’s almost empty and you can’t get to those last few drops of the foundation — squeeze tube, hello? — unless you cut it open and clean it out with a spatula. The tube fits into my hand, containing 30 mL of product. I think with daily use, a tube might last me a year or less.

There are a total of 24 shades numbered from #41-64 although the shades available in the Philippines might be limited. I’m not sure though, I didn’t really check the ones available. I was trying not to get distracted by their freedom palette system. Trying being the operative word. (I mean, come on! Those rows and rows of eyeshadows and blushes can drive any makeup junkie out of their minds!).

Anyway, back to the review, what I have now are #41 and #49. As you can see from the swatches below, both of them have warm undertones with #41 being lighter in comparison to the latter. Shade 41 is also the best shade match for me. I can wear #49 too without it being too obviously dark but I have to use a bit of bronzer on my neck area.

Inglot YSM Foundation swatch2

The consistency is creamy and somewhat thicker than the others in my stash but it blends well without looking cakey or feeling heavy. It gives a medium coverage — fuller if you’re going to use a flat foundation brush as what the artists used on me in the store — and covers a little of my post-acne marks and pores sans any primer. The finish can be described as somewhere between satin and matte which I prefer a whole lot more than matte as what was described.  There’s no fragrance that I detected. I started using these the start of summer and from my experience, I get about 3-4 hours of wear before I start to oil up, and barring any primer use, a total of 8 hours before I see signs of fading. Meaning, for a humid country such as the Philippines, the YSM Cream Foundation can hold its own just make sure you have some blotting papers on hand.

The YSM Cream Foundation retails for Php 1,195. Inglot is available in Glorietta 5, SM Mall Of Asia, and SM Megamall.

Have you tried any face products from Inglot Cosmetics?


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11 thoughts on “Inglot YSM Foundation #41 and #49 | Review

  1. I love it when friends share makeup (or course providing they’re sanitary!)
    I’ve been curious about the Inglot base products for a while – since their claim to fame has been their freedom system and all the bright colourful eye shadows / blushes / nail polishes are the things that draw everyone in – the “boring” base products don’t get a lot of coverage online.
    Now based on your review, I’m VERY interested in trying this! I really like the tube design too – very convenient.
    I have tried a bunch of Inglot cosmetics – eye shadows, liners, nail polishes, makeup brushes – they’ve all been great!


  2. I got a couple of sample packs of this foundation from Inglot, it’s so good! I have too many other bases to go through right now but otherwise would definitely purchase this.


    • Hi there! You won’t believe it but I haven’t tried any MAC foundations. They have a wide range of formulas to choose from that I can’t decide. I ought to at least find my MAC shade but if I were to guess, I think I’m between NC 15 and NC 20. I’ll get back to you on this one once I really know. 🙂


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