Curious Girl Asks: Which Makeup Cleansers Do You Use?

Makeup cleansers

I have a lot of questions on my mind. Some are makeup-related, and some are well, not. But for quite some time, I’ve been wanting to ask anyone who is willing to answer this question about makeup removers.

Which type do you prefer? Lotions? Oils? Facial wipes?

I have about more than half a dozen of different makeup removers sitting in my vanity table (the ones in the photo above are just some of them) and I don’t have a particular favorite. As long as they get the job done without irritating my eyes, I’ll keep on using them. Although I’m always on the look out for new wipes, it doesn’t mean I’ll abandon the rest. But tell me, what do you guys use to take off all the junk from your face at the end of the day?

And if you would be kind enough to tell me your favorite brands in the comments below and the reason why it’s your favorite, that would be lovely.


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10 thoughts on “Curious Girl Asks: Which Makeup Cleansers Do You Use?

  1. I use micellar solution from Bioderma. I tried Loreal and Garnier and from this two Garnier I liked more and it was cheaper. But Bioderma takes away my eye makeup better than others. I clean with micellar solution makeup from my face and eyes. Then I use gel cleanser also from Bioderma. I never use facial wipes. I have a pack and I keep then near during makeup application in case I need to wipe something in my makeup or clean brush/applicator.


  2. I love the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm to melt away makeup. I also love a good cleansing oil! Bioderma is always in my stash too, as it is a great quick makeup remover 🙂


  3. That’s quite a wipe-atorium you’ve got there, lol! I’m kind of like you in that if it does the job, I’m happy with it. For my usual nightly cleanse, I use Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil and follow it up with my regular face cleanser. When I’m feeling super exhausted, I use a wipe (lately I’m using a pack of Aveeno wipes) and I’m done!


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