MAC Petite Red Lipstick | Review

MAC Petite Red2

My first MAC purchase of the year. Yes, I repeat, “of the year.”

And it’s a tube of lipstick y’all.

After months and months of skipping MAC collections upon collections, all it took was a single glance at the shade and Temptalia’s review on it to make up my mind that I want it.

After confirming with the MAC store at Rockwell Makati that only selected branches have it, I set out a few days later to the SM Mall of Asia.

The Collection:

MAC Petite Red

Whether fearless and exotic or classically demure, Julia Petit’s brazen approach to style and makeup artistry has transformed her into one of South America’s most revered lifestyle bloggers, and a cult beauty icon. In her namesake M•A•C collaboration, she brings the alluring women and fantastical urban landscape of São Paulo to life with sizzling sun-kissed hues.

The Blogger:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.02.26 AM

First off, how awesome is MAC to have a collaboration with a Brazilian blogger. Have you been to Julia Petit’s blog? If you haven’t, now is a good time to head on over there, after reading my post of course. So hurry on down. Fair warning though, the whole site is in Portuguese.

The Review:

MAC Petite Red3

Petite Red is described as a strawberry cream with a satin finish. Strawberry was not the first word that came to mind when I first looked at it. It’s a medium red with a burst of hot pink in it and a little bit of warmth. It’s exactly the shade of red I’m looking for this summer (yes, it’s already summer here in the Philippines). Not too red and the amount of pink is just right for it to look fun and flirty.

All it takes is a single swipe or two to show the exact opacity as seen below. Except it looks more pink and cool-toned in my swatches than in real life.

MAC Petite Red swatch

It has a creaminess to it that makes application easy. If it weren’t for the label at the bottom of the tube saying it’s a satin, I wouldn’t think of it as one. As far as my experiences with MAC satins go, this one is more moisturizing than others I’ve had. (Come to think of it, most of my MAC mattes and satins I approved of are limited editions.) But it doesn’t mean that my lips stay hydrated all the way. After at least two hours of wear, I feel the need to dab some lip balm on.

Generally, satins have a fairly longer duration on my lips before they start fading. For this shade, I can attest to 5 hours of wear before I see the need to reapply.

MAC Petite Red lip swatch
Hello hot pink!

I forgot how addicting MAC makeup collections are. Now I want to get the Boca lipstick. If I happen to pass by again and it’s still available, I will snatch one up.

How about you? What items took your fancy from the Julia Petit collection?


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