Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio | Review

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Trio3

I think I have began my year looking for more eyeshadow sticks to add to my collection. They are so easy to apply! The Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks weren’t enough for me. I just have to get more.

So now let me tell you my experience with the Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio, another holiday set, albeit from a different brand.

The Promise:

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Trio

What is it: Bobbi’s best-selling Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick delivers standout eyes anywhere, any time. This set includes a trio of fan-favorite shades-Espresso Bean, Pink Sparkle and Smokey Topaz-that last for gorgeous, holidayproof eyes.

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Trio4

Who is it for: Anyone who wants a dramatic, long-wearing eye look on-the-go. Shadows glide on easily and last until you want to take them off.

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Trio2

Why is it different: This do-it-all formula can be used to shade, define, smoke up and highlight eyes. Plus, it won’t crease, flake or fade.

The Review:

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Trio5

Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow set only comes with three mini shadow sticks each amounting to 0.03 oz/ 0.9 g, all in all priced at $47 in the US (I have no idea how much is it here in the Philippines, sorry). They are one of those twist up crayons that do not need any sharpening or any fuss on application.

I’ve been using them nonstop since I opened the box, sometimes combined with the LM Caviar Sticks, and they are one hell of a time saver on my morning makeup routine. See, I don’t bother with applying eyeshadows at all, only when there are special occasions or when I’m fortunate enough to wake up early so I have the extra time to prepare. I just swipe these sticks on my lids, smudge and blend them with either a brush or a finger and I’m good to go. Literally good to go! I promise.

Smokey Topaz is described as a brown heather mauve but at first glance seems more like a greyish taupe to me.

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Smoky Topaz

Pink Sparkle is described as light pink shimmer but looks more like it has silver shimmers in it. The shimmer translates beautifully on the inner corners of the eye as I’ve gotten used to applying it there. Instant wide-awake eyes, I tell you.

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Pink Sparkle

Espresso Bean is described as a rich, black charcoal with slight shimmer. The shimmer is barely noticeable on initial swatches but once blended, it’s definitely there.

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Espresso Bean

Combined all three sticks and I get an exceptional smokey eye. I’ve gotten numerous compliments from my co-residents whenever I wear any of them. And they all want to know what it is I’m wearing. Don’t want to share my secret yet. Insert evil laugh here.

Now these shadow sticks are as creamy as I expected. They don’t tug or pull on my lids. I have at least a few seconds to blend and smudge away before they set and once they set, they won’t budge at all. Not even for the first 10 hours of wear and that’s without any primer. No signs of creasing, fading, nothing at all! How’s that for a testament to the claim?

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow Trio swatches


The Comparison:

Bobbi Brown Mini Longwear Cream Shadow vs Laura Mercier Caviar Stick

Here’s the part some of you have been waiting for. I’ll compare them with the Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Set. Both mini shadow sticks are considerably of the same size — both are 0.03 oz. These are the main differences I noticed. One, these Bobbi Brown sticks don’t sheer out when blended as opposed to the Laura Mercier ones. I think the reason behind it is that the Bobbi Brown shadow sticks offers less time to work and blend with before they set. I have to do one eye first followed by the other. Second, they are more glitter and shimmer friendly. If that doesn’t bother you, then by all means indulge. Third, some shades need to be gradually built up like Pink Sparkle. The first few swipes of my swatch only revealed glittery goodness. I have to swipe several more for the pink to show up. Smokey Topaz, on the other hand, is more pigmented that Pink Sparkle.

I think that’s all and I hope that was helpful for you lot.

Is this year going to be full of shadow sticks? We’ll see. For my first encounter with the brand (I thought it was going to be a tube of lipstick, my mistake), I’m actually blown away.
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5 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio | Review

  1. I got one shadow stick from Laura Mercier (Amethyst) just to try it out, but I got so hooked on it that I also got the holiday minis. They are a time-saver and are so easy to work with. So much that I think I am about to abandon powder shadows this year in favor of sticks! 🙂

    I haven’t swatched the Bobbi Brown ones because I read some unfavorable reviews when compared with LM. I’ll have a look, though. They might have a distinctive color that LM doesn’t have.


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