Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Joli Rêve | Review

Dior Fluid Stick Joli Reve

Hello everyone!

I know I promised I would get the review for the Dior Fluid Stick up soon after I posted about the beauty box I got from Cristina Madara and Shari. You all are probably thinking I forgot about it but worry not, I’m currently on break from work so I got plenty of time to edit photos and write down some reviews.

Let’s get right on to that Fluid Stick, yeah?

The Promise:

Dior Addict Fluid Stick enables a flawless application in a single sweep: the high-impact colour and long wear of a classic lipstick, combined with the shine of a gloss, all in a thin film that delivers sensational comfort. Colour and shine come together as one for maximum impact with intense, long-wearing lip stain pigments directly encapsulated in spheres of gloss. Dior Addict Fluid Stick does not contain wax, but water for maximum lightness, an immediate fresh effect and addictive comfort.

A pure object of desire : the illusion is maintained until the case is opened and an applicator emerges that is steeped in colour and as precise and easy to use as a lipstick.

16 explosive shades like so many flashes of brilliance. Resolutely Dior. Terribly couture.

The Review:

Dior Fluid Stick Joli Reve2

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks come in this brilliantly packaged tubes that from afar will lead you to believe you’re looking into a lipstick instead because of the bullet shape visible at the end. I’ve made the same mistake while passing by the Dior counter at the mall and I had to come closer to the display just to be sure bringing me in full view of all the shades (I see what you’ve done there Dior, that ploy won’t work on me next time, tsk). Twist it open and you’ll end up drawing out a doe foot applicator that’s flat on one side and slanted on the other.

Jolie Rêve #552 is described as a coral. I should be jumping up and down because of the shade description but it looks more like a mandarin orange for me. It starts off as a watered down gloss, straight up orange for almost 4 hours, but after countless lip smacking with which I can feel the slight tackiness later on, the glossy shine leaves to settle into a favourable orange, still not totally coral but it’s on its way there.

Dior Fluid Stick Joli Reve swatch

The tackiness is not heavy or uncomfortable but I do feel it sitting on top of my lips. Its pigmentation varies from medium to full, depending on how many swipes you put on. Once is enough for me and I have never noticed it leaving streaks or settling on my lip lines. The scent is mildly reminiscent of a vanilla candy. The orange stain it leaves behind after the gloss fades lasts for 3 hours. So, when you think about it, that’s a total of 7 hours of wear. Not bad.

In preparation for windy days ahead, I was throwing my hair in front of face, whipping them purposefully towards my lips to gauge if they will stick to my glossy lips. Some do but mostly when the product has turned to its tacky phase already.

Dior Fluid Stick Joli Reve lip swatch

Frankly, I’m not a big fan. Of the shade, mind you but I can see the appeal behind the lipstick/lip gloss hybrid and why it’s being raved about in the blogging community. If I were to try a different colour, say Pandore or Mona Lisette, it might become a favourite.

Dior Fluid Sticks retail for Php 1850 here in the Philippines and $35 in the US. I believe Joli Rêve is an Asian exclusive.

Have you tried these Dior Addict Fluid Sticks?


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