A Little Rebel For The Holidays

MAC Rebel

The last time I reviewed a MAC product was way back in August, I think. I remember the collaboration MAC did with the mother-daughter tandem of Sharon and Kelly Osbourne — bloody brilliant collection by the way. The pieces I got were among my favourite buys from MAC, especially that Cranberry lip pencil and the Cheeky Bugger blush.

The next collections they released looked average to me. Nothing stood out and grabbed my attention like the Osbournes did. Truth is nothing from MAC could hold my interest for so long.

Nothing until last month when I started thinking about a certain berry lipstick.

The Review:

MAC Rebel3

Rebel is described as a midtonal cream plum with a satin finish. It looks more like a darkened berry with some purple undertones against my skin. I love how it pretty much personifies its name with a hint of femininity. Everytime I see it on someone, I immediately think that person oozes some kind of sex appeal and confidence.

MAC Rebel swatch

The shade is truly and absolutely perfect for fall. And the holidays, in my opinion, if you’re the type to deviate from the norm and would rather rock a darker lip colour instead while chatting up your relatives who annually visits your home during Christmas or the New Year for the festivities. Sure you’ve got a red tube of lipstick somewhere but really, why not try something else?

You’d think that because of the praises I’ve been raining on this lipstick, I’d give it my stamp of approval. But no, this relationship was doomed from the start no matter how much I want my lips to wear it everyday. Taking the colour aside, I can’t ignore the fact that it’s a satin. And there lies my only problem. Satins dry out my lips within the first hour. No matter how much I wear a lip balm underneath, it still and will always feel uncomfortable by the 2nd hour. It also clings to any dry areas it will encounter so I always make sure to scrub my lips before I plan to use it. I’ve got no problems with its longevity though as it usually lasts on me for 5 hours, with food and drinks in between, and leaves a pleasant deep pink stain as it fades. I also like how it can brighten up my complexion and whiten my teeth.

MAC Rebel lip swatch
Why does this look a little like a fuchsia?

I hope that MAC comes up with a cremesheen or amplified version of Rebel if only to please girls like me with dry lips. Please, oh please MAC gods.

Rebel is part of MAC’s permanent range and currently retails for Php 1000 in the Philippines and $16 in the US.

Fancy being a rebel this time of the year?


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7 thoughts on “A Little Rebel For The Holidays

  1. Love this on you! And I agree, MAC’s collab with the Osbournes was GORGEOUS. I recently discovered the magic of Rebel myself! I usually wear pinky browns so it was a stretch for me but I really love the color. When it starts to feel dry, I apply a tube balm over top of it (lately it’s been Glossier’s Balm Dotcom) and it becomes infinitely more comfortable. If they made it in Cremesheen, it would be pretty incredible!


  2. OOOO my God, Rebel look SO hot on you! I got Fashion Revival which is a berry, and I love it a lot! This is such a stunning fuchsia berry on you. I think I’ll at least have to swatch it!


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