Shu Uemura Hard Formula Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Seal Brown 02 | Review

Shu Uemura Hard Formula Seal Brown 2

Remember how I inadvertently let loose a tidbit of information regarding my brows a few entries back?

Not ringing any bells?

Let me help you recall then. I think I mentioned needing something faster than my usual Anastasia Dipbrow + brow liner brush combo to deal with my brows in the mornings or else I don’t do them at all.

Now do you remember?

Which is why I purchased a much needed brow pencil from Shu Uemura.

The Promise:

Natural finish and shape. This unique eyebrow pencil only releases color pigment when it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs.

The result is natural, defined brows. Smudge-proof and long-lasting.

The Review:

Shu Uemura Hard Formula Seal Brown 2 2

The Shu Uemura Hard Formula Hard 9, I was told, is ideal for sparsely haired brows as opposed to the Hard 6 which has a softer lead, therefore, perfect for those who have got semi-full brows to begin with (how I envy those people). I don’t personally know what difference they have when compared with each other. I just wanted to have a brow pencil that’s easy to work with. I think the SA noticed my frustration as he suggested the Hard 9 instead.

Seal Brown 02 is a cool-toned grayish brown. The colour looks natural on my brows, not too strong or too soft that it looks off or obviously put on. I like how it’s not too dark or too warm or too brown. It suits me just right. And I gather it’ll suit anyone else (especially Asians).  I’ve noticed it lasts quite a long time on my oily skin but by mid-afternoon, there was minimal fading.

Shu Uemura Hard Formula Seal Brown 2 3

I haven’t had the pleasure of having it sharpened like a samurai sword (Niigata). When I bought it, I was given the option to purchase it like the pencil that it is or have it sharpened but I was in a hurry at the time so I declined. Now though I’m itching to have it sharpened if only for the purpose of satisfying the curious cat in me. Which one will be more efficient, I wonder? Hmm.

I’ve heard the special shape helps in drawing and mimicking the natural hair brows. The hard formula — oh boy, is it hard — makes it impossible to overdraw your brows and ensures precise control over the brow shape that the overall look comes up as natural as possible and yet full and defined. The firm lead also makes it impossible to swatch it on the bare skin of my arm and come up with a photo that I can show you.

Here’s the Seal Brown in action:

before Shu Uemura Hard Formula Seal Brown
BEFORE: My brow looking very much untamed.


Shu Uemura Hard Formula Seal Brown 2 in action
AFTER: I realize it needs some grooming but it looks better than the one above it.

I’m seriously considering getting Stone Gray 05 or Brown 03 once I go back to dyeing my hair. But for this shade, I’m giving Shu Uemura a thumbs up! I’m loving their brow pencil so much!

Does anyone else love it as much as I do?
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6 thoughts on “Shu Uemura Hard Formula Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Seal Brown 02 | Review

  1. Nice! It’s not too over the top which is pretty great for a brow product! 🙂 Wala pa rin makatalo sa Etude House Brow Pencils for me. They’re cheap and they’re great. But I really would like to try either this or the Anastasia Brow Pencil in the future.


    • Haven’t tried the Etude House pencils. All I’ve been hearing are their brow mascaras which are always sold out on the branches near me. The next time I pass by their store, I’ll check that one out. Thanks V!


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