Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette2

I deeply regret not getting the Off The Cuff Blush Palette from Tarte last year. (Who here has been riddled with the same gut-wrenching feeling?) It has haunted my thoughts up to now that when I heard Tarte was coming out with a new blush palette for the Holidays, I braced myself and bought the palette with no second thought at all.

I’m quite happy I did.

The Promise:

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette3

What it is:
An exclusive blush set with five brand-new, Amazonian clay-infused blushes and two wearable hair pins—all encased inside of a Parisian-inspired clutch.

What it does:
This 12-hour wear, Amazonian-clay infused blush palette instantly awakens the complexion and adds rich dimension. With five flattering, craveable blushes, you can accessorize your entire look and add a touch of sparkle and sheen with the two wearable hair pins. This chic, portable palette makes the perfect gift for the spontaneous blush enthusiast. This giftable palette includes two wearable hair pins with rhinestone and pearl-draped elements for that perfectly “pinned up” look, and it features soft, whimsical packaging and a chic carrying case that’s reminiscent of a vintage clutch and inspired by the pristine elegance of the Parisians.

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette4

This set contains:
– 5 x 0.158 oz Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes in Breathless (pinky beige), Embraced (plummy rose), Whimsy (light pink), Bashful (rosy peach), Irreplaceable (mauve rose)
– 2 hair pins

The Review:

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette

The Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette comes together in a clutch dressed in a vintage gold linen that has quite a mirror inside and 2 hair pins attached on the outside. (Honestly, I don’t know what to do with the hair pins. I’m not exactly the type to sport them on my hair.) Each of the blush weigh 0.158 oz whereas the original individual Amazonian Clay blushes weigh 0.20 oz. Pushing aside the fact that there’s less, you’ll still get 5 new blush shades.

Breathless is described as a pinky beige but looks like a warm tan with a hint of pink instead with a matte finish. It barely shows up on my skintone no matter how much I pile it on. I mean, the pigment is there don’t get me wrong. I see it on my swatches too but when blended out, it doesn’t seem present at all. It took me a while to figure out how I can use it. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the NARS Nico blush which can diffuse overly pigmented blushes. (If you didn’t know that before well now you do.) This shade was the least powdery in the set.

Embraced is described as a plummy rose but looks like a medium cool-toned pink with some shimmer thrown in which isn’t as obvious and intimidating in the swatch as when it is blended on the cheeks. It gives a bit of glow that has actually helped me skip highlighter a couple of times. Again, pigmentation is superb as you’ll only need to a small amount on the brush for it to show up.

Whimsy is described as a light pink but appears with more warmth on my skin than I expected it to. It actually seems like a slightly cool-toned peachy pink blush with a matte finish. This is my favorite among the five and even though it has the shortest wear and one of the powdery ones, I love how it compliments my skintone.

Bashful is described as a rosy peach but looks like a medium peachy coral that has a sheen to it. The shimmer doesn’t translate to the skin like Embraced does — it’s barely noticeable. This is one of the shades that is less chalky and the powder is soft and easy to blend. Aside from Whimsy, I find myself reaching for this shade most often.

Irreplaceable is described as a mauve rose but looks like a medium to dark rosy pink with a semi-matte finish. This one appears more powdery and chalky compared to the others. I have to be careful not to tap my brush on top of the pan. It’s a shame though because it’s one of the shades I was eyeing when I was looking at promotional pictures and description.

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette swatches

All shades performed remarkably well although the wear time is not as long as the ones that come in the individual pans. In general, the blushes in this palette last about 8 to 9 hours before they totally fade on me as compared to the permanent shades which last up to 10 hours. I’ve easily underestimated the intensity of the color of Embraced, Bashful and Irreplaceable when I used it the first time. That’s how I discovered how Breathless can be used to tame them down. Despite the downsides, I’ve been using this palette non-stop everyday.

Where you able to get this palette too? Tell me what you think about it.


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5 thoughts on “Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette

  1. I thought about getting this palette but the one blush I do have from them, I’m not too much a fan of, it’s not that pigmented or as long lasting as a bunch of my other blushes. But I’m glad you’re enjoying the palette! he shades in here look like they go well with your skin tone.


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