Tarte Power Couple Amazonian Clay Blush & Bronzer: The Duo With The Power To Get Flushed Cheeks

Tarte Power Couple Blush Bronzer Duo1

Sometimes it pays to be patient. Limited edition items go on sale after some time. (But sometimes, other items sell out so fast, there won’t be any left to go on sale.)

Just head on over to Tarte (25% off sitewide!!!) where you can get some of their limited edition items that are still available on sale, like the time the Power Couple Blush & Bronzer Duo retailed for less.

Now here’s my thoughts on the bronzer and blush, reviewed individually.

The Promise:

Tarte Power Couple Blush Bronzer Duo

A limited-edition blush & bronzer duo in a convenient, chic compact.

Product Performance: This limited-edition power couple blush and bronzer duo is the ultimate accessory to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Infused with Amazonian clay and mineral pigments, tarte’s signature Amazonian clay blush in dollface and matte bronzer in park ave princess will give you a healthy pop of color and a beautiful, sunkissed complexion.

Powered By: Amazonian clay: nature’s most perfect ingredient for better, longer, truer wear.

The Review:

Tarte Power Couple Blush Bronzer Duo3

The Power Couple Amazonian Clay Blush & Bronzer Duo comes in a huge, round, plastic compact with a huge-ass mirror inside. Both the bronzer and the blush weigh 7g/0.25oz each. The original Park Ave Princess bronzer weighs at 0.32 oz while the Dollface blush originally sits at 0.20 oz. I think the content size alone will lure you in aside from the mirror.

Tarte Power Couple Blush Bronzer Duo2

Park Ave Princess is described as a highly pearled light golden yellow with a matte finish. I can’t see any golds or pearls in my swatches even if I squint in the light. It more or less looks like a warm-toned brown instead. It’s not too warm because it’s good enough for me to use as a subtle contour. The bronzer itself is soft, finely milled and a little bit powedery than I expected but the pigmentation more than makes up for it because it is awesome. One swipe across the pan is all I need for it to show up on my fair skin. And it delivers a long wear time too. Not as long as 12 hours but cutting really close. There’s noticeable fading by the 8th hour mark but the warmth is still there after 10 hours.

Dollface is described as a light pink with a matte finish but looks like a lightly cool-toned Barbie pink on my skin. The powder is also soft and finely-milled. However, there’s none of the chalkiness I experienced with the bronzer. The pigmentation precedes that of the individual pans –meaning, they are just as opaque even with a single pass of the finger on the pan and too much product on the brush will look ridiculously clownish on me. Ergo a word of caution should be passed around and a light hand should be employed. Wear time is also comparable to the other blush shades, enduring 10 hours or so before totally fading.

Tarte Power Couple Blush Bronzer Duo swatches

I think now’s a good time to get a couple of cheek products from Tarte don’t you think? Let me repeat, Tarte’s offering everything they have on a 25% discount. Go now!


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