Love At First Feel With Some Zoeva Brushes

Zoeva label 127 226 229

Yes, you read that right.

I fell in love the moment I took out the three Zoeva brushes I bought from Luxola out of their zippered pouches and felt their soft bristles for the first time. I imagined I was feeling up a couple of rabbit tails.

Here now is my review of those 3 brushes and a bit of a comparison with some of my Sigma brushes.

Zoeva handle 127 226 229
ZOEVA. Color. Love. Makeup.

The Review:

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

If you want to try your hand at contouring and get too intimidated by those paddle shaped contour brush, then I highly recommend this. It defines a subtle contour, easily shaping the hollows beneath your cheekbones that looks natural and doesn’t seem to shout “trying too hard.” I’ve also been using it to apply my blushes and I much prefer it to the Sigma as it feels more dense and has less “give” to deposit enough color and blend it beautifully on the cheeks. Last but not the least, the angled brush serves to apply the right amount of highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. The end look? You’ve got a naturally contoured cheeks with a healthy looking flush. If that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will.

Zoeva 127 vs Sigma F40
Zoeva 127 vs Sigma F40 3
Zoeva 127 vs Sigma F40 2

The 127 is definitely denser beside the Sigma F40.


226 Smudger

Zoeva 226 Smudger

Where has this brush been hiding all my life? It’s the answer to my everlasting dilemma of pulling a complete smokey eye look and mirroring the colors of the upper lid to the lower lash line. The problem has always been applying too much eyeshadow or looking like I deliberately left the eyeshadow unblended on the lower lash line. But not anymore. Ever since I got this brush, smudging eyeliners and creating a smokey eye is one step easier. Whew! I believe the secret to its effectiveness is in the length and thickness of its bristles, 6mm and 2mm, respectively. The brush is dense enough to pack and smudge the color but soft enough that it won’t irritate the skin.

Zoeva 226 vs Sigma E55
Zoeva 226 vs Sigma E55 3
Zoeva 226 vs Sigma E55 2
Notice how thinner the Zoeva 226 is compared to the Sigma E55.


229 Eye Finish

Zoeva 229 Eye Finish

When I started using this, I realized something wrong with my relationship with the Sigma E40, I needed a more tapered blending brush in my life (and for my hooded lids) because it works better to blend and contour eyeshadows on my sockets. True, the duo fibers doesn’t pick up much color but it lets me have a precise control over how much definition I want on my crease. It lets me build up the shade on my lids to my liking too especially if I decide to wear only one eyeshadow shade. Slowly but surely they say. Also, it helps me create a softer look with most dark eyeshadows if I prefer it instead.

Zoeva 229 vs Sigma E40
Zoeva 229 vs Sigma E40 3

Tapered blending brush vs. a “more” tapered brush.

Zoeva 229 vs Sigma E40 2

All three brushes are shorter in comparison to my Sigma ones. The handles of the Sigma brushes are thicker and heavier. Picking up any of the Zoeva brushes actually feels more comfortable and less awkward, like they just fit better in the palm of my hand.

I truly hope this post has convinced you how wonderful Zoeva brushes are, or at least the ones I have, that you’ll immediately try them out yourselves.


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7 thoughts on “Love At First Feel With Some Zoeva Brushes

  1. Hi, Nikki! You did an excellent job comparing the Zoeva and the Sigma brushes! I’ve always wanted to read something like this because of all the hype around the Sigma products which I’m tempted to try! I already have a few Zoeva brushes, which I prefer over my MAC’s anytime…
    Overall impressions?… Zoeva wins, right?
    Lots of xx


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