Sampling The Goods: Creams Of The Crop

Sampling the Goods Creams of the Crop

I hope you don’t mind me reviewing product samples because I’ve got a lot to go through. Here are 5 products I grouped together for a mini review.

Ladies and gents, I present you some mini BB and CC creams.

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm. If I were still in my early phase of discovering makeup, this would have been a hit. But since I’ve tried a lot of BB creams, in comparison, this cream feels more like a glorified tinted moisturizer. Come to think of it, it doesn’t have much tint either. I got the shade Nude Glow which I believe is the darkest out of the 5 shades available and it blends pretty well on my fair skin. I got no discernible coverage from it but somehow, it evens out my skin tone. The finish is a bit dewy which my oily skin disagrees with.

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm3
Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm2


Benefit Better Than BB Big Easy

Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy. I got the shade 03 (light/medium) which is a perfect match. If I bought this online, I would’ve picked 02 instead — sometimes shade descriptions are far off from the true color in real life. It feels lightweight and can cover up my pores to a certain degree. Coverage is light but can be built up to cover some minor acne marks. I have to blot out with a powder every 3-4 hours or so for the shine but all in all, I have no complaints. I haven’t broken out either! It’s the first Benefit face product that my skin can agree with. This goes to show that my sensitive skin issues may still hold out some hope for future Benefit products. Maybe one day, the people behind the brand can make a primer and foundation that won’t break me out (I’m looking at you Porefessional Primer and Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation).

Benefit Better Than BB Big Easy2
Benefit Better Than BB Big Easy3


Stila Color Correcting Cream

Stila Color Correcting Cream. It’s a light grey cream which transforms to skin color once its blended in. The consistency is more runny compared to the others. I think this one’s more suited for dry to normal skins as it has a dewy finish. Slap it on someone with an oily skin and you won’t get long before you’ve got a greasy disaster. But I do have to commend it for evening out my skin tone and filling in my pores, same as how the Benefit BB cream does. It has a light coverage that looks natural and skin-like so it’s more suitable for anyone who doesn’t worry about acne and/or hyperpigmentation marks. Medium is too dark for me and I wish I got the Light shade instead.

Stila Color Correcting Cream back


WEI To Go Beauty Ideal Skin Perfect Finish CC Cream

WEI to Go Ideal Skin Perfect Finish CC Cream. I very much like the packaging of this one. Just when I was worrying about leaving the cream exposed to open air after I opened it, I found out the cover clicks close. The shade I have is Medium which runs cooler than my own skin tone but once blended, it adapts  to my shade quite well. It offers light to medium buildable coverage and delivers a satin finish. Oil control lasts around 3 hours — pretty good for something that doesn’t even address it in the first place. Do take note that this one covered my pores the best.

WEI To Go Beauty Ideal Skin Perfect Finish CC Cream back


Dior Nude BB Creme

Dior Nude BB Creme. It feels lighter than my Dior Snow BB Creme and the consistency is thinner however it does not have the same coverage as the Dior Snow. Sheer coverage with a semi-matte finish is what it has at most, managing to cancel out the redness on my chin and cheeks and cover my pores too. I can recommend this for all skin types who already have a clear skin to begin with and is not too fussy with coverage. Oil control extends to 4 hours before I have to powder.

Dior Nude BB Creme back

And for the swatches…

Sampling the Goods Creams of the Crop swatches

If this was a contest and a winner is eventually picked, surprisingly, the medal would go to Benefit’s Big Easy. (FYI, I was betting on Dior. And the runner ups would be WEI to Go followed by Dior.) But that doesn’t mean I’m roaring to buy a full size version of it but maybe one day. It’s not the best BB cream I’ve tried but it’s also not the worst.  I’m still wary of any Benefit face product because I feel like I’m waiting for a crop of pimples to erupt any time soon from my continuous use.

Now which of these have you tried yourself?
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