Zoeva Brushes Mini Haul

Zoeva 127 226 229

Luxola recently had a 40% off sale on everything. Yes, you saw that right, on everything. At that time, there were only 2 brands I was interested in, Rouge Bunny Rouge and Zoeva.

Sadly, everything from RBR almost immediately sold out. It was unbelievable. The ones I wanted weren’t available. (Damn those sneaky makeup ninjas out there!)

With a heavy heart, I began to browse Zoeva. Naturally, the brush sets were all gone too. (I’ve resigned myself to the possibility that I may not be able to purchase the Luxe Complete Set on a sale.) What’s left are the individual brushes and here are the ones I snagged.

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
The Luxe Sheer Cheek brush is made angled to fit the mould and curve of your cheeks so you can contour and shape perfectly. Its natural bristles are soft and gentle on the skin, and is best used with powder products.
Bristles: Goat

Zoeva 226 Smudger

226 Smudger
The 226 Smudger is the perfect eye brush for creating an array of different looks. This handcrafted brush with short, vegan synthetic bristles provides maximum color control and covers up eye shadow and kohl pencil lines. An absolute must for the smoky effect and seductive cat eyes.
Bristles: Synthetic

Zoeva 229 Eye Finish

229 Eye Finish
The 229 Eye Finish eyeshadow brush is the perfect tool to finalize any kind of makeup. Let this brush become your all-time-favorite for nude makeup, smoky eyes and stunning glamorous look. This extra fluffy crease brush allows a sheer application of loose, pressed and cream eyeshadow products. Create a flawless eye makeup finish by evenly blending the edges with the ZOEVA Eye Finish brush.
Bristles: Duo fibre taklon

Stay tuned for my review of these amazingly soft brushes. I’m still in the process of trying them out and comparing them with some of my other brushes.


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9 thoughts on “Zoeva Brushes Mini Haul

  1. Zoeva is no longer eligible for discounts. 😦 But, I actually have purchased a LOT with discounts, but there are still some brushes that I like! Waah! I want to collect everything! Hihi.


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