Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Plumetis (207)

Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Plumetis2

Hello, hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start on their weekends.

As promised, here is a review of the other Givenchy Le Rouge I purchased from their Fall 2014 collection.

The Review:

Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Plumetis

In my excitement, after I unboxed it, I tried it on first before remembering I haven’t taken a picture yet. Oops. Forgive me, it looks used in the photo above.

Rose Plumetis is described as a pinky mauve. On me, it shows up as a medium rosey mauve. It feels nowhere near like a semi-matte at first when I put it on because it starts off with a little bit of shine but soon ends with a satin finish. It’s non-drying and lightly hydrating on my lips– the same moisturizing power as the other Le Rouges. It offers full coverage and lasts for at least 5 hours before fading evenly.

Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Plumetis swatch
Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Plumetis lip swatch

With it being a limited edition, I hunted for a possible dupe in my collection. On my lip swatch, it reminded me of two MAC lipsticks so I took those out for a comparison.

Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Plumetis comparison swatches

Cosmo and Mystical both look warmer and more peachy looking compared to the cool-toned Rose Plumetis. Color-wise, it comes pretty close but the texture and pigmentation of a Le Rouge is miles away from any MAC lipstick.

Available at Sephora for $36.


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8 thoughts on “Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Plumetis (207)

  1. Hehe. I do the same thing sometimes (unbox and try before photographing). It’s just too hard to resist that temptation sometimes, and I can see why with this lipstick! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic photos, as always.


  2. Hey Nikki, this shade looks SO awesome on you! Great pick! I’m really in love with the other shade from this collection, Pourpre Inoui, but now I am tempted to hunt this one down before it disappears!


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