Trying Out Some Eyeshadows From Catrice Cosmetics

Catrice Eyeshadows

When my brother and I went to the 35th Manila International Book Fair at the Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center, I realized that the Beauty Department of the SM Department Store was right across the street.

I was given the chance to browse quickly — less than an hour, yo. I zeroed in on Catrice Cosmetics immediately and began dipping my fingers on different pans to swatch blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers and highlighters as fast as I could.

I’ve already showed you one of their blushes. Now’s the time to show you the eyeshadows that came home with me.

The Promise:

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

Colours with high pigmentation for an extraordinary metallic shine: the silky powder with a chrome effect is reminiscent of liquid metal. Its innovative texture with maximum pigmentation and intense colour-dispersion is sure to make your eyes shine instantly. The unique 3D embossment turns this eyeshadow into an absolute highlight. Nine metallic nuances for every day, every mood, every style.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono

The color, the durability, the coverage, the effects – the Monos are absolutely fabulous in every single way! Catwalk inspirations translated into new styles for your eyes – in matt, shimmering, pearl or satin. Is there anything else you could possibly need?

The Review:

The packaging of the eyeshadows is as simple as they come. But they certainly don’t feel cheap. At least in my opinion. The Absolute Eye Colours are in an all-clear plastic compact and the Liquid Metal Eyeshadows have black plastic pans with clear covers. The Metal eyeshadows also contains more product 3.0g/0.10oz as compared to the Absolute Eye’s 2.0g/0.07oz.

Catrice Guns n Roses

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in (020) Gold n’ Roses. On first glance, you might get intimidated by how frosty it looks like — it might be the overspray talking — or compelled to stare at the pretty embossed pattern all day. Whichever it is, I guarantee you’re going to be tempted to swatch it for yourself. If you brush off the top part, you’ll discover a pretty layer of light pink eyeshadow with champagne-like shimmers. It’s still frosted on some level but less so compared to how it seems in the pan. Each shade costs Php 299.

Catrice My First Copperware Party

Absolute Eye Colour Mono in (400) My First Copperware Party. This one was love at first sight. It was the first shade I pointed out to the SA that I wanted to swatch — she keeps all the eyeshadow testers in a separate drawer. And my God, it was a winner. Soft, buttery, blends easily with a pigmentation that is unlike any I have ever experienced coming from a drugstore brand. There’s no fallout either. It’s a midtone taupe-y brown with a satin finish. I can’t believe for something that performs this well can only cost Php 199.

Both Catrice eyeshadows perform better and last longer with an eyeshadow primer. However, My First Copperware Party loos more taupe-y while Gold n’ Roses loses some of its frostiness and looks more pink. Both shades seems more solid too. Here they are without and with primer.

Catrice Guns n Roses swatch
Catrice My First Copperware Party swatch

Dupe Alert!

My First Copperware Party looked so familiar the moment I swatched it. I had a feeling I already have a similar one like it so I searched all my palettes for a dupe. The closest I can find is Pewter from the Lorac Pro Palette.

Catrice My First Copperware Party vs Lorac Pewter
 In my excitement to compare swatches side by side, my nail dug across the pan. (Oh Nikki, you clumsy girl.)
Catrice My First Copperware Party vs Lorac Pewter swatch

It has been compared to MAC Satin Taupe several times but I don’t own that. Pewter is more bronze-y looking and My First Copperware Party looks more grey next to it but they can pass of as siblings from afar right?


I’m going back for more Catrice products. Hopefully soon. For the price and performance, the brand deserves a thorough checking out. I only wish they’d have a kiosk in SM Makati.

Have any Catrice products you have in your stash?


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9 thoughts on “Trying Out Some Eyeshadows From Catrice Cosmetics

  1. Hi Ms Nikki! It’s my first time to comment here hehe. I love Catrice! Ever since they popped up on my local Watsons I have bought makeup almost exclusively from them. The quality is amazing for the price. In fact I just bought a lipstick yesterday, I was not intending to but the SA is super friendly and when she asked me to swipe on the lipstick, I immediately understood what she was on. It is amazing on my complexion. The shade is 210 Pinkadilly Circus. It looks a bit bright in online swatches but totally wearable in person. And the formula feels very high end! It’s almost a crime not to pick up a tube at Php 299.

    I also like their polishes so much. Lilactric is possibly the most beautiful, ethereal shade of polish I have ever painted my nails. Mint Me Up is also great.

    I was immediately drawn to My First Copperware Party in your swatches and reading on I understood why. It’s similar to Pewter which is hands down my most used shade in Lorac Pro. I love it for lazy one shadow looks.

    Catrice also has cute naming that’s not over the top. There’s nothing I don’t like about them so far!


    • Hi Kath! First things first, what branch of Watson’s did you go to? I haven’t seen another Catrice booth since I bought these. I’m itching to get more of their products! Haha! I’m curious about the lipstick you bought. I googled it and it looks right up my alley. I have yet to check out their polishes but I’ll be sure to look for the ones you mentioned. Lastly, aren’t one-eyeshadow shades so amazing? Haha, have a nice day dear and thank you again. 🙂


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