Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder | Review

Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder

My oily skin is my number 3 enemy, if we’re talking about skin issues. The first one being the large pores on the sides of my nose and my chin followed by having a silicone-sensitive skin.

On most days, I find myself shiny by noontime. Sometimes I have time to spare to use a blotting paper or reapply powder but more often than not — due to the influx of patients, I jump right back to work after lunch without taking the shine away. Go ahead and cringe. I do.

Every little bit of mattifying product that can extend my shine-free hours is always welcome. When Digital Traincase offered a 15% discount on some of their products last September, I knew it was time to order Purely Cosmetics from them. 

The Promise:

Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder2

Use a light layer under foundation to absorb excess oil. Primarily made of finely ground bentonite clay, well known for it’s high absorption properties, in addition to silica, calcium carbonate and kaolin clay for ease of smooth application, increased adhesion and oil absorption, and blurred optical effects.

20gm sifter jar; approx 6.5gm net wt.

The Review:

Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder3

The Oil Absorb Powder has a chalky texture, somewhat talc-like-but-not-quite (pardon me but it’s the first thing that came to mind). It may be because of the bentonite clay or the kaolin clay but the powder feels similar to clay when I rub it in between my fingers. If it has oil absorbing properties, then why not?

Robyn suggested I pat it on after applying moisturizer and before a primer. Well curious little ol’ me wondered how it would fare without any primer. After all, the talented Wayne Goss never did believe in any of the magic a good one can do. So I set about doing my makeup for one day with this sans any primer. For the record, let it be known that I tried using it with and without primer.

It gives a semi-matte finish once powdered on, giving you a beautiful skin-like look minus the shine. It feels like it absorbs all of the oil on application. On its own, I managed to be shine-free an hour or two more as compared to when I would oil up with my usual makeup routine. So say on my everyday makeup routine I get four shine-free hours, but when I add the Oil Absorb Powder, I get at least 5-6 hours before I see my T-zone reflecting light. With the addition of the primer — I first paired it with the Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer — there was no difference with regards to the time. However, when I used it in conjunction with the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, I was shine-free for more than 6 hours! (Maybe mineral makeup works better together?)

In conclusion, I think the Oil Absorb Powder can match up to most mattifying primers out there when used alone. But if you’re looking to extend the wear of your foundation, I recommend you use a primer.

Originally retailing for $16 from Purely Cosmetics but Digital Traincase has them for Php 800. I’ve got two more Purely Cosmetics products coming up. Stay tuned!


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