Catrice Knows How To Think Pink With Their Defining Blush

Catrice Defining Blush Think Pink2

When I first saw the blush shades available in Catrice Cosmetics at the Mall Of Asia, I honestly wanted to get one of each. I think there were 5 in all.

Except I made a promise that I would only pick one shade to try and see how good it is. If all goes well and it passed my standards then I’ll go back for more.

Now let me share with you my thoughts regarding their blush.

The Promise:


The ultra-fine, highly-pigmented powder blush with vitamin C and E spreads easily, sets fresh accents, emphasizes your cheekbones and models the contours of your face. Top marks for a perfect finish.

The Review:

Catrice Defining Blush Think Pink

Catrice Defining Blushes are packaged in clear plastic compacts without any mirror or accompanying applicator brush. Out of all the drugstore blush packagings I have seen and held, Catrice certainly ranks at the top. It’s simple but at the same time doesn’t look and feel cheap. It closes with a simple snap of the lid. There’s no magnetic closure of any sort but so far, it has withstand being juggled and thrown in different directions inside my vanity kit (it’s not as stormy as it sounds).

The shade Think Pink is a warm-toned, bright pink with a matte finish. It seems somewhat patchy and chalky on my arm swatch below but trust me it’s not. The same high regard I have given its packaging holds true for the pigmentation. You can undoubtedly build up the color to your preference but I find no need for it as a single swipe of a brush packs so much punch. The powder is soft and easy to blend. I do find myself needing to reapply in the middle of the day.

Catrice Defining Blush Think Pink swatch

Think Pink will work so well for medium to dark skintones but light-skinned persons should be careful and use a light hand instead so too much color will not get deposited on the cheeks.

Priced at Php 199.00 each, I dare anyone who loves makeup as much as I do to simply ignore and pass on this cheap find. One can not go wrong with Catrice Cosmetics blushes.

Mark my words, I’m coming back for the rest. The hoarder in me is making demands.


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16 thoughts on “Catrice Knows How To Think Pink With Their Defining Blush

  1. Did you get eyeshadows?! I want me some! If you did, will wait for your reviews!! Didnt think much about their blushes but after reading this, wow ah -for 199 esp, that looks insanely good!


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  3. I love Catrice blush! Too bad there aren’t may stores with Catrice. I love their packaging too. Such elegance! Looks like high end. I haven’t tried other of their makeup but I really should!


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