Chanel Le Blush Crème De Chanel in (79) Cheeky

Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel Cheeky

Ask me which blush is my holy grail and I’ll answer with the Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel in a snap. No hesitations. No pauses.

It’s that good. I swear.

It’s totally the perfect blush for anyone with an oily skin. It doesn’t slide off quickly and lasts for a long time.

Now let me show you the newest shade I got over a month ago that I haven’t reviewed yet.

The Review:

Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel Cheeky2

Cheeky is described as a rose with bronze tint. The color is true-to-pan on my arm but on my cheeks, it imparts a lovely bit of rosey flush, barely noticeable from afar but beautiful nonetheless. The powder-cream formula makes it relatively easy to blend with my fingers and build up the color to my liking. It melts seamlessly on the skin and settles to a matte finish.

With the other Chanel cream blushes I have, the usual first 3 dots on top of my cheekbones blended out is sufficient enough to achieve a healthy flush. This one though is quite different. I have to get more of the cream and layer it on generously so I can get a more desired warmth on my cheeks. To me, it acts more like a cream bronzer rather than a blush which is truly well and wonderful as I am a sucker for a bronzer without any shimmer.

Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel Cheeky swatch

Fair-skinned individuals will be happy to note that this could double up as a contour. (Or is it triple? A blush, bronzer and contour. Seems like a 3-in-1 cream product for all you fair ladies out there.) But not me. I like my contour products with some taupe in it.

Just like my experience with the rest of Chanel’s cream blushes, Cheeky boasts an impressive wear time before I have to reapply. While it may not last as long as the ones I’ve purchased before, it still beats most brands by a mile.

By the way, you can find the review I did for Intonation along with a swatch of Chamade here.

So… did any of you manage to pick up Cheeky?


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13 thoughts on “Chanel Le Blush Crème De Chanel in (79) Cheeky

  1. PREACH. The Chanel creme blushes are just too awesome for their own good! I don’t think this one would play well on me (and I’m not really looking for a bronzy shade, to be fair), but it looks lovely on your skin 🙂


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