Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal BB Creme | 010 Beige

Dior Diorsnow BB Creme

There are days when I don’t feel like putting on a whole lot of layers on my face. Like during the weekends and really, just about any other time I’m out with my family (because they’re not used to seeing me in “full gear”, if you get what I mean). It also cuts back on the time I usually spend getting ready when I choose to skip sunscreen, primer and foundation.

On those days, I usually choose a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. But I haven’t had luck on a BB cream that hasn’t broken me out.

Until now, that is. I thank the heavens for the SA in the Dior counter for insisting I try this instead of the other foundations. For this post, I would like to share with you the only BB cream I have ever given two thumbs up: the Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal BB Creme in 010.

The Promise:
Dior Diorsnow BB Creme2

Diorsnow is a clinically proven brightening-treatment collection that evens the complexion, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and increases radiance. Powered by Icelandic glacial water and Dior’s exclusive transparency-enhancing complex, the new formulas counteract skin acidity and target all five features of a radiant complexion (evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture and plumpness) for even faster and more effective brightening results. Immediately skin is illuminated with a flawless, even radiance that is intensified day after day.

The lightweight, tinted formula delivers natural looking coverage for a perfectly flawless complexion while brightening the skin, reducing dark spots and protecting against UV damage with SPF 50.

The Review:
Dior Diorsnow BB Creme3

The Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal BB Creme comes in a tube with its own pump which dispenses quite an amount of cream. This is one of those products where I would have to say that a little goes a long way. Trust me when I say you only need a pea-sized amount with this BB cream. I only need to push down the nozzle half-way to cover my entire face.

The shade I was matched to was 010 Beige. Unfortunately, I think this shade is only available in Asian countries. I was told this would suit those with oily skin who prefers a natural skin finish.  It’s the lightest in the range, and the closest to my skin. With some blending, it adjusts to my skintone and matches the warmth of my neck perfectly. The cream itself has a rich and creamy texture, thicker in consistency compared to most Korean BB creams. It was easy to blend, either with the use of your fingertips or a buffing brush. Coverage is somewhere from sheer to medium. You can definitely layer it on in areas that need a little more cover up.

Now let me sing my praises. My pores on the sides of the nose are unnoticeable and the redness on my face’s completely gone. I love that it evens out my skin tone and still looks so natural — it’s the one quality I always look for in a BB cream. It dries down to a satin finish and feels comfortably thin and light on my skin. On its own, I can see a little bit of shine peeking through, particularly on my T-zone, after the 4th hour mark but it was nothing that a blotting paper or a mattifying compact can’t handle. Powdered down with a setting powder, it can go for as long as up to 7 hours before I’m well and truly oily. No migration or transfer, nothing of that sort was going on. And look ma, no breakouts with continuous use. Hallelujah! 

Dior Diorsnow BB Creme swatch

Let’s not forget the SPF 50 and PA+++ it offers. (FYI: SPF measures how much a sunscreen offers protection from UVB, the rays that cause sunburn. PA, on the other hand, measures the protection being offered against UVA, which is responsible for chronic skin damage. Ever heard of photoaging? The more + means more protection. So far, PA+++ is the highest.)

I bought this at the Duty Free Philippines Fiestamall for $59. It’s very pricey for a BB cream, I know. But I’d choose it over a cheaper one anytime of the day. Spend money or get breakouts? Which one do you think I’ll pick?

It also retails at Nordstrom for $58 where it only comes in one shade (020).


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2 thoughts on “Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal BB Creme | 010 Beige

  1. I have the BB Eye version of this and I love it! The Diorskin Nude BB version naman – ay nako, I super love! Whole day wear and I don’t oil up 🙂 It does accentuate flakies, though so notso good for dry skin.


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