Beauty Buffet Masks: A Quick Run Through

Beauty Buffet masks

I’m beginning to love facial masks! I now get why Koreans incorporate these into their skincare regimen.

Sure, they may take forever — 20 minutes seems like forever when you just want it off your face and you can’t do anything else because it’s dripping down your chin, your clothes and practically everywhere. But when you think about it carefully, for a once-to-twice-a-week ritual, it’s not entirely bad. It’s the complete opposite. A sheet mask chock full of goodness and hydration for a third of an hour? Give ’em to me!

You actually owe your skin all the pampering it needs. Especially at night.

The Review:

White Tea & Ginkgo Facial Mask

Beauty Buffet mask White Tea & Ginkgo

Caviar & Biopeptide Facial Mask

Beauty Buffet mask Caviar & Biopeptide

CoQ10 & Yogurt Facial Mask

Beauty Buffet CoQ10 & Yogurt

Charcoal & Cypress Facial Mask

Beauty Buffet mask Charcoal & Cypress


I’ve only began using facial masks once a week, usually on the weekends when I’ve got 15 minutes to spare at night right before bedtime. Koreans insist on using them 2-3x a week. Umm, I don’t have that kind of free time, yet. But maybe in the future. Who knows, right?

Personally, I like how they all have fruity scents but my favorite one is the CoQ10 & Yogurt mask which smells a lot like grapefruit. And if I were asked which one I love most of all, smell or not, I’d pick the Charcoal & Cypress mask. I feel my face is more hydrated the following day and my pores seem smaller.

The only thing I dislike about them is their stickiness. Blech. Though not as sticky as the ones I tried from The Face Shop and Dermal. And the essence gets everywhere! Like I said, it drips down my clothes and I find myself wary of any stray droplets everytime I put one on. But I can overlook that minor detail. Sticky hands and face does not make much of a nuisance, not when it totally makes my skin so soft and smooth. And I don’t mind how I look like I have an over-greased face at night because come the next morning? Glow, baby glow!

These Beauty Buffet Masks are available at all Watsons outlet for only Php 49.00 here in the Philippines.

Have any of you tried facial sheets/masks? How about these Beauty Buffet ones? What other brands have you tried?


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4 thoughts on “Beauty Buffet Masks: A Quick Run Through

  1. I’ve tried Beauty Buffet and I really like them, mostly because they’re one of the cheaper ones šŸ™‚ I do skincare after masks and I find that simply fanning my face helps A LOT in taking out that greasy, sticky feeling.


  2. They all sound like winners! I’ve been using my Lush Brazened Honey mask pretty much daily for the past three weeks… Damn expiration date šŸ˜¦ Then individually packed masks like these are much more convenient.


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