August 2014 Product Round-up

August 2014 Products

I can’t believe August has just ended more than a week ago. The -ber months are already here!

And to tell you the truth, I don’t have much beauty products to share with you that I haven’t shared before except for a few new items I added to my routine. I was mostly splurging on skincare if you must know. But really, once I find a good beauty product, I stick to it religiously… until a better alternative comes along. For the month of August, here are the few most notable products I had been reaching for almost everyday.

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Extreme Curl Defining Hair Creme. Between the two styling products I bought last month, I prefer this locally made styling cream to the other one. I like its scent and the non-sticky feeling of the cream but it’s certainly not without some flaws. I’m gathering my thoughts as I type this down so wait for my review.

Clinique Cheek Pops have one of the most amazing formulas for a blush I’ve encountered. It is super pigmented, lasts me mostly the whole day and blends like a dream. What more can anyone want? Some of my other blushes have already taken the back seat. I love both shades I got but if you ask me which one is my favorite among the two, I’ll answer with Peach Pop. Now it might not be obvious from the photo above how I practically use it everyday because the flower pattern is still intact. I actually don’t need much for it to show on my cheeks. Here’s my review including Berry Pop with swatches.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner in Perversion has been my go-to eyeliner since I had begun using it. I might have mentioned in my review how it’s not too soft that it might get broken. Well, strike me wrong. The pointed end finally broke on me when I had twisted it far up and I went on to apply it on my upper lash line. It’s no problem at all. Now I know I only have to twist it up just enough.

Lime Crime Velevetines in Pink Velvet. I reach for this matte liquid lipstick on days when I feel I’ll be too busy to reapply my lip color as it lasts me for hours on end. And even if I notice some minor fading on the central part of my lip, it still looks formidable at a distance. I’ve received countless of praises on the longevity of this product. People are also noticing how the color stays after drinking and eating. You can go here to read my full review with Wicked.

NYX Butter Lipsticks are the ones I go for when I want a sheer lip color. Or when I’m in a rush and I barely have the time to put on a lip balm. I don’t have to worry about drying my lips with this formula because these are moisturizing. I reviewed 3 of the 22 available shades here (Sweet Tart, Mary Janes and Licorice).

Your turn now. What products did you love last August?


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7 thoughts on “August 2014 Product Round-up

  1. good makeup philosophy, when i really like something i also stick to it till its all used up, thats why im really picky with things 🙂 and im looking forward to the snoe review! curious about that product kaso lang if i remember it right, its price is quite expensive (competitively) so i didnt get one yet.


  2. I want to try the Hair Heroes one. I need a product that can help my curls stay in place (without using hair spray or mousse). Anyway, huhuhu damn Lime Crime Velvetines and that UD eyeliner. Me waaaaants


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