bareMinerals Blush in Golden Gate

Bare Minerals Golden Gate blush

Have you ever experienced buying a set of beauty products because you only like a couple of items in it? And the others are just bonuses you believe you’ll eventually use someday? But then you forget all about them. They’re just sitting there in one of your drawers unopened until months later you find them again when you’re trying to find something you’ve misplaced.

Well, that’s what this post is all about. Every once in a while I will rearrange the products on my acrylic drawers (to make more room for more products obviously). Well I came across several gems I haven’t used yet. Samples, minis, and even full-sized products that accumulated over time.

I tell you, it was like discovering a hidden treasure chest full of goodies. I get to rediscover them one by one. Let me start with the only bareMinerals blush I have.

The Promise:

Get cheeky with a pop of color that brightens your face and defines your features. Our creamy, lightweight bareMinerals Blush gives your skin a healthy, fresh vibrancy that looks and feels natural — because it is natural.


  • Uses a healthy mix of 100% pure bareMinerals
  • Keeps your skin clear of preservatives, fillers, binders, and build-up
  • Gives your face a warm, beautiful hue
  • Provides a pop of pure, vivid color
  • Lets you layer colors for added richness
  • Has a creamy texture that buffs on silky smooth
  • Offers versatile color for cheeks, lips and eyes
  • Works beautifully for all skin tones and types, including sensitive and problem-prone skin

The Review:

Bare Minerals Golden Gate blush2

If there’s one thing that I love about bare Minerals, it’s how they package their loose powders. You see the reason I dislike anything loose and powdery in the first place is because I’m one hell of a clumsy person. It’s very likely that I will make a mess if I’m using a loose powder. It’ll get in my hair, my clothes, my shoes — sh*t, it might even get in my mouth.

Anyway, back to the product at hand, the bareMinerals Blush comes in a clear plastic pot with a 3-hole sifter that has its own locking mechanism to prevent any spills and is covered with a black cap. You can toss it inside your pouch any way you want to and not worry about finding a disastrous stain on the lining later on. It’s not going to spill. This thing is virtually mess-proof. I should know because I tried it.

Golden Gate is described as a warm apricot with fine microshimmers. It’s a warm-toned rosy pink on my skin and the shimmer is really unnoticeable once on the cheeks. I can hardly see any traces of it but somehow, it gives me a healthy glow. The texture is very soft and the powder is finely-milled and blends easily. I don’t need much of the powder on my brush because it’s damn pigmented. What I do is tap a small amount on the cap and from there, dip my brush. I’m not afraid to go back for more because no matter how much I pile it on, it’ll just look natural and not overdone.

Bare Minerals Golden Gate blush swatch

I would’ve given this a thumbs up if I did not consider its staying power. That part was a let down. Wear time was average compared to the other blushes I have. This one lasts for at least 6 hours before fading entirely. I don’t want to fault my oily skin but it seems to last all day on everyone else.

BareMinerals Blushes currently retail for $19 at bareMinerals online, Sephora, Ulta and anywhere else where bareMinerals are sold.

Have you tried the any of the bare Minerals products?


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3 thoughts on “bareMinerals Blush in Golden Gate

  1. The colour is gorgeous, but it’s a real shame about the wear time. Blush is just something I…don’t want to have to touch up, you know?

    Discovering hidden treasure chest full of loot is the best thing ever. It’s why I work as a rogue, LOL! ^_^


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