Top Cranberry Lip Combinations

Cranberry Lip Combo

Today, I’m going to show you all about my current favorite lip liner, MAC Cranberry, and some of the wonderful lip colors I have paired it up with.

First of all, I wanted to entitle this as, “More Reasons to Fall in Love With The Cranberry Lip Liner: My Top 5 Lip Combinations”. It sounded so good in my head but it turned out to be a mouthful.

Second, I wanted to narrow it down to the top 5 but I was having difficulty in picking the lipsticks I wanted to feature so I apologize, it ended up not being a “top 5” thing.

It’s a top-6 instead. Wink. I’m silly that way.

Here they are:

Cranberry Lip Combo2
From L to R: Geradium, Rose d’ Exception, RSV Nude Beige, Coralberry, Paradiso, Mary Janes


Now then, on to the swatches!

1. Cranberry + Geradium (Limecrime Opaque Lipstick)

Cranberry + Geradium
Cranberry just made Geradium more neon-like. I definitely like!


2. Cranberry + Rose d’Exception (Givenchy Le Rouge)

Cranberry + Rose dException
This is my favorite nude lip combo to date! One of the most beautiful nudes I have ever tried. Thank you Givenchy for never letting me down.


3. Cranberry + Nude Beige (Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte)

Cranberry + RSV Nude Beige
There are times when I look washed out in Nude Beige but not anymore. This here is a wearable pinky nude on me.


4. Cranberry + Coralberry (Revlon Super Lustrous)

Cranberry + Coralberry
Cranberry sure helped this Revlon shade last longer and look more pretty too.


5. Cranberry + Paradiso (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer)

Cranberry + Paradiso
I think I found a reason to wear Paradiso more often.


6. Cranberry + Mary Janes (NYX Butter Lipstick)

Cranberry + Mary Janes
Mary Janes is a gorgeous red all by itself but the addition of  Cranberry made it more loveable.


Hmm, there seems to be a trend here. Majority looks very coral to me. Or developed some sort of coral undertone. I’m not complaining though. They all look gorgeous!

I had fun doing this. Maybe I should do more lip combinations. What do you think?


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5 thoughts on “Top Cranberry Lip Combinations

  1. Hey Nikki, thanks so much for the post! I don’t use lip liners often, and I suck at pairing them! Thanks for showing me there are actually a lot of possibilities out there. I am digging all these combinations on you!


  2. i wanted to get that exact shade of Givenchy lipstick, ah it looks soo pretty! i backed out cause i read that all of their lipstick had a rose scent and im pretty sensitive to scents.


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