MAC Cranberry Lip Pencil

MAC Cranberry3

With all the products from the Sharon and Kelly Osbourne collection I have been reviewing, this post is going to be the last from that bunch. I strictly follow the rule, “Save the best for last.” Honestly, this is my favorite out of this collection.

It seems overlooked somehow but I swear this product deserves an entry all on its own.

Sharon Lip Pencil

MAC Cranberry

A pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Smooth, creamy texture in soft yellow pink. Limited-edition packaging in Sharon’s trademark red with lavender signature.

The Review:

MAC Cranberry2

Cranberry is described as a soft yellow pink. It’s a matte, medium, rosy pink with a bit of a warm undertone to it. Despite being matte, it doesn’t dry my lips out but it isn’t hydrating either. It does however, cling to some of the flaky parts of my lips so I have to prep mine carefully. It’s soft and creamy just as promised and goes on smoothly. I have no issues with any lip tugging or pulling on application. It doesn’t travel, bleed or feather outside my lip lines. Color pay-off is amazing as well. It delivers full coverage with just a single pass on the lips. It lasts for a full 5 hours before fading.

This Cranberry shade is what lip lining dreams are truly made of! Wearing it on its own is a joy by itself. The color is so beautiful, it makes my lips look so utterly kissable (forgive me, I might have delusions of grandeur at the moment)! Top it with a gloss for a daytime look or layer it with your favorite bold lip color come nighttime, the outcome, I guarantee is worth every piece of price increase.

MAC Cranberry swatch

I fully declare the Cranberry Lip Pencil holy grail material! That means, this piece of gem is getting a two thumbs up! I have not been this excited toward a lip liner since I discovered its existence in high school and all I did back then was the pink/nude liner + clear gloss combo.

MAC better put this back among their permanent shades. Why the hell would they even discontinue this fabulous shade in the first place? I desperately want/need backups. The hardest thing about limited editions or discontinued products, especially when you fall in love with them, is their limited availability. Would anyone know a good dupe?


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