Sweet As Dessert: MAC Peaches & Cream Blush

MAC Peaches & Cream Blush

One fine day when the sun was (surprisingly) peeking out of the clouds, I felt in my gut a strong craving for something fruity and sweet. Lo, and behold I spotted IHOP from a distance so I went inside.

I was just about to dig in my order of Peaches & Cream Parfait when all of a sudden, everything blurs and dims until pop! — my eyes open and I find myself in my bed, one hand outstretched as if reaching out for that disappearing plate of dessert from my dreams.

I suddenly remember that I have my own Peaches & Cream. I’m talking about the blush from Sharon’s collection, of course.

Sharon Powder Blush

MAC Peaches & Cream Blush2

M•A•C’s celebrated colour for cheek and face in Sharon’s favourite mid-tone peach and rose shade of Peaches & Cream. Limited-edition packaging in Sharon’s trademark red with lavender signature.

The Review:

MAC Peaches & Cream Blush4
 MAC Peaches & Cream Blush3

Sharon Osbourne’s collaboration from MAC has more of a classic and neutral feel to it compared to her daughter, Kelly whose collection has a more edgy, flirty and modern feel to it, at least that’s what it looks like to me. Sharon’s items are packaged in bright red. The blush, quad, patentpolishes, skinfinish duo and lip pencil are all in bright red. And I freaking love it! But like I said before, I have a thing for reds.

The Peaches & Cream blush is described as a midtone peach/ midtone rose with a satin finish. It translates to a lightly cool-toned pink on me with a slight sheen. It’s more rose than peach in my experience although judging from some of the pictures I have here, as you can see thru the plastic lid, it comes off as peachy looking because of the bright red compact. In the shot of the pan above, I had to cover the lid with my hand so the red won’t reflect into the blush and the photo can be true-to-color.

The powder blush is soft, blends well into the skin and easily buildable but I doubt anyone with light to medium skintones would want more layers of this as it is quite pigmented with one swipe from the pan. It actually lasts longer than the Kelly blush, at least 8 hours on my oily skin before totally fading. The sheen does not emphasize my pores.

MAC Peaches & Cream Blush swatch

And that subtle sheen? I can so skip highlighters when I use this. It will save me time on days when I’m in a hurry or too lazy to pick up a highlighter. This, ladies gives me that radiance and a healthy flush in one go. Woohoo!

This is one type of dessert that won’t go to my hips. I can have it as many times as I want, whenever I want it and all I’ll get is beautiful healthy looking skin without any hassle. In any case, in reality, I have not tried the Peaches & Cream parfait from IHOP. But it looks delicious. Maybe one day. Wink.


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8 thoughts on “Sweet As Dessert: MAC Peaches & Cream Blush

  1. This is a gorgeous shade that will work with many different looks for sure! I think this collection won’t even be available here till September, if you can believe it! MAC collections sometimes arrive SUPER late here!


    • Really September? MAC collections release one month later here in the Philippines, sometimes only a few weeks. But if it’s that late, I’ll go crazy from all the waiting. LOL


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