MAC Kelly Yum Yum, A Yummy Fuschia

MAC Kelly Yum Yum

The Kelly Yum Yum lipstick is a last minute addition to my order before the release of the Osbourne’s collection. I knew it would sell out. It was just a matter of giving in to the temptation or holding out until the collection passes.

Well, I’m glad I wasn’t able to resist. I’m relieved to have the chance to add it to my collection because it’ s so beautiful!

The Kelly Lipstick:

Three matte shades in light tones of nude, lavender and orange and the satin bright pink of Kelly Yum-Yum. Limited-edition packaging in Kelly’s light violet with red signature.

The Review:

MAC Kelly Yum Yum2

Kelly Yum Yum is described as a bright blue pink with a satin finish. Is it bright? Definitely. It’s bright enough as far as my preference allows but not so bright that I feel so awkward about wearing it. How about that blue pink? Well, it’s a cool-toned fuchsia pink if you ask me. It has a good medium to almost full coverage on my lips. It applies like a dream too, creamy with enough slip that it doesn’t tug nor does it migrate outside my lips. I don’t feel the need to layer on a balm before putting it on. I actually looked twice at the finish on the label before finally believing it is a satin — satins are usually a hit or miss for me. And maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but it was slightly hydrating every time I wear it. Longevity-wise, it lasts on me for a full 5 hours before I have to reapply.

MAC Kelly Yum Yum swatch

Temptalia called it a more wearable version of Candy Yum Yum, warmer and less bright. Sounds like a winner to me. You can Google some comparison swatches. There are a lot floating around the web.

One of the reasons I bought this is because I don’t have Candy Yum Yum. I have seen swatches of it back when it was released last 2012 as part of the MAC By Request and even when it became a permanent shade during that same year. Everybody was buying it and raving about it. The beauty blogosphere was loaded with all kinds of reviews and swatches. It looks really lovely on the beauty bloggers I’ve seen wearing it but I have doubts that it will look as good on me. For one thing, it was too bright, almost neon-like in my opinion. Some part of me steps back and cringes whenever I imagine myself wearing it. Last year, I came close to buying a tube of it too but really, it was just the hype that was giving me the urge.

MAC Kelly Yum Yum lip swatch

This one though, we’ve got a good one here ladies. The finish, pigmentation and longevity are all excellent. If only it were permanent. Sigh. One can only hope. If any of you managed to get a hold of this one, live by these words: Love it, treasure it and guard it with your life (you never know who’s eyeing that violet tube with envy).


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12 thoughts on “MAC Kelly Yum Yum, A Yummy Fuschia

  1. That’s a really pretty color! I would love to find some lipsticks like that! πŸ™‚ Great review!
    Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster award! πŸ™‚ It is similar to a tag where you answer some questions and also share some facts about yourself. It is fun to do, does not take long, and is a great way to promote your blog! If you are interested, see my post: I hope you consider participating! Thanks! πŸ™‚


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