A Smart Choice: MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad

MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad

I originally ordered the Duchess quad from the Sharon Osbourne collection (you might think, “Oh no Nikki, not another neutral quad!“) but instead, I was sent the other quad from Kelly’s collection. Bummer.

It was an honest mistake, one that the seller apologized for. I see no reason to exchange it because it came with the Pedro Lourenco Nude quad and really, I have a ton of neutral palettes. I think it was a blessing in disguise as I got a neutral palette and a not-so neutral one.

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The Eyeshadow Quad:

MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad2

Four coordinated eye shadows featuring Kelly’s colours of pale lilac, blackened plum, sparkling platinum and muted plum brown. The highly pigmented powder formula applies evenly, blends and builds beautifully. Limited-edition packaging in Kelly’s light violet with red signature.

The Review:

MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad3

Spoonful of Sugar is described as a sparkling platinum in a Veluxe Pearl finish. Looking at the pan, I actually thought it to be warm-toned. I was wrong. It’s a neutral silver on me with shimmer. Tickety Boo is described as a soft muted plum brown with a satin finish. It’s a slightly warm-toned mauve-ish brown. Fizzy Rose is described as a pale lilac with a satin finish. It translates to a light cool-toned pink on me. Shadowy Lady is described as a blackened plum with a matte finish. It’s a a deep, dark plum that looks almost black against my skin.

MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad4

Among the four shades, only Shadowy Lady is a permanent while the other three are limited editions. This actually makes me sad because all three has decent pigmentation and has a somewhat softer texture as compared to Shadowy Lady which is a little bit stiff, dry and has a patchy application. Although it’s not as dry or patchy when I apply it on my lids, the patchiness still frustrates me. I was also having a difficult time blending it on the outer third of my lids. After some major swirling and blending motions with my Sigma E40, I kind of like how the smokey purple looks on me.

MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad swatch
From L-R: Spoonful of Sugar | Tickety Boo | Fizzy Rose | Shadowy Lady

Spoonful of Sugar is best applied on the inner corners of the eyes and on the browbone. The shimmer gives a subtle highlight on areas I apply it to. My absolute favorite from this quad is Tickety Boo, closely followed by Fizzy Rose. Both are buildable and easy to blend although Fizzy Rose was slightly powdery. But the thing is, they look so damn good together — Tickety Boo on the crease and Fizzy Rose on my lids. Definitely match-made for this quad! I get about 6 to 7 hours of wear with the eyeshadows before I see signs of fading and creasing without any primer. Imagine the longevity if I add some.

Again, I apologize if don’t have a photo of the look I created for this quad. I’m still trying to take good quality makeup-looks for you guys.

Did any of you get this quad? How about the Duchess quad from Sharon’s collection? I’m still yearning for it. Share your thoughts if you want to.

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4 thoughts on “A Smart Choice: MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad

  1. I like the colour of the purple – shame it was harder work than you might have hoped! Still, I think it is good that you didn’t get another neutral palette – it’s easy to drown in those at the moment, LOL!


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