Precious As A Gemstone: The MAC Ruby Lipstick

MAC Ruby

Random fact. I was born on the month of January and my birthstone is Garnet.

Why am I telling you this? No reason, I just wanted to overshare with you an itty bitty piece of information about myself and maybe you can somehow connect that to this next fact.

I have a thing for reds. As much as I wish it to be mutual, not all shades have a thing for me. Sigh.

It may not be as deep as my obsession for corals, but it’s a thing nonetheless. I mean, do you not get lazy sometimes about doing the whole works for your face and you just want an instant pick me up. Hence, a tube of red. One swipe and BAM! you’re good to go.

Now let me tell you why the new Ruby lipstick has become my current thing.

The Review:

MAC Ruby3

Ruby is one of the four lipsticks released from the Pedro Lourenco collection. It is described as a medium blue-toned red with an amplified finish. It is actually a bright red that at times look slightly warm-toned on me. It applies creamy and easy, like straight-from-the-tube-easy, and offers medium to full coverage. I haven’t experienced any lip pulling or tugging with this one and I can skip putting on any lip balm beforehand. It also doesn’t cling to any dry patches on my lips so I can forego my usual lip prep. It keeps me happy with a wear time of about 5 hours and leaves a slight stain behind.

I’ve read somewhere that it’s basically a dupe for Russian Red. Now maybe some of you are wondering why did I bother buying a lipstick that (1) looks like Russian Red which is permanent to MAC and (2) is more expensive than the latter. Let me tell you what went on inside my head.

MAC Ruby swatch

First of all, I don’t own Russian Red and as much as I want to, will probably never own a tube of it in this lifetime because it’s a matte. Well maybe in my dreams. Mattes give my lips the same level of hell that I would associate with how a hydrating moisturizer would work on my oily skin. Except in reverse. (Because only a mattifying moisturizer can work for my skin while only a creamy, hydrating lipstick can sit comfortably on my lips. Get my drift?) My point is matte lipsticks and my dry lips they don’t mesh well together — that’s another fact. And I envy anyone who can rock a red matte, or a retro matte, from MAC without worrying about any peeling, chapping or patchiness. Compared to, let’s say a lipstick with an amplified finish which are more forgiving on my perpetually dry lips. I prefer those even if they don’t last as long. Comfort first before longevity, baby.

Second reason: it’s a limited edition shade encased in a sleek, matte black and gold tube. That’s reason enough, don’t you think? Or it’s just me. I have admitted many times before how I can be easily tempted by limited edition packaging. It’s like dangling a piece of juicy, red meat in front of a starving dog. I’m that dog and my paws are going to be all over that lipstick.

MAC Ruby lip swatch
Looking a bit warm-toned here.

Call me crazy but while I was having an internal debate on whether to get this lipstick, my reasons were all justifiable. I stand firm and I don’t regret my decision.

Were any of you thinking along the same lines as me?
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7 thoughts on “Precious As A Gemstone: The MAC Ruby Lipstick

  1. Looks stunning! 😀

    As far as I’m concerned, the fact that it isn’t matte is as good a reason as any to justify its purchase. I mean, call me finicky, but the finish is enough to make two lipsticks very, very different to me!


  2. Holy, that’s a gorgeous one! It’s so so forgiving on dry lips and lip lines! WOW. Ganda much!!

    “And I envy anyone who can rock a red matte, or a retro matte, from MAC without worrying about any peeling, chapping or patchiness.” —- AMEN, sister. I’m with you on plagued Sahara lips. 😦


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