A Rose For Any Season: The Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick in 864 Rose Grenat

Guerlain Rose Grenat3

This summer, I’ve noticed that fuchsias seem to be one of my favored shades, aside from corals — what else is new? I love how it gives me a more confident look, can brighten up my smile and how I can wear it straight into the evening for a night out.

For their summer collection, Guerlain released 7 new shades of their Rouge G de Guerlain Lipsticks, 2 of which are limited editions encased in colored lacquered cases. Temptalia recommended it and after much lemming I finally gave in and said, “Come to mama.”

Do take note that this is my first Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick.

The Promise:

Guerlain Rose Grenat2

Lipstick is reinvented in an exceptional jewel with Rouge G, a subtle balance of intense colour and the comforting pleasure of a creamy lip balm. Behind this magical creation is an astounding formula: the unique combination of ruby powder for spectacular radiance, hyaluronic acid spheres for perfectly smoothed lips and wild mango butter for lasting hydration. Lips are intensely coloured, perfectly smoothed, moisturised and plumped up. For excessively perfect lips!

The light, delicate scent of a vanilla “floriental” leaves its incomparable mark on Rouge G de Guerlain. Top notes sparkle with a lemon, orange and bergamot accord. The rose and iris heart exudes sweetness. The vanilla and tonka bean dry-down gives Rouge G all of its intensity.

The Review:

Guerlain Rose Grenat

First, let me talk about that hot pink lacquer casing because damn! Now that’s what I call a luxury lipstick. It is so gorgeous that I just want to stare at it and hold it in my hands all day long. Wouldn’t you if you got it? I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself petting it occasionally and calling it, “My precioussss…” It packs quite a heft compared to other lipsticks probably because of the mirror that comes with it which is very handy if I want to reapply my lipstick anytime and anywhere.

Rose Grenat is described as velvety red pink. It’s a bright, cool-toned fuchsia with a slight berry undertone on me. Thank the heavens for it looking a bit berry! It’s deeper compared to the swatches that Temptalia has posted. It offers full coverage with a single swipe on the lips and goes on creamy and smooth, making application very easy. There’s a lovely sheen on the first few hours of wear. It was not drying at all and was somehow hydrating during the time I have it on. No dry patches of mine are ever emphasized when I put this on, hallelujah! It stays on me for about 5 hours before leaving a stain for at least another 2 hours. It has a perfume-y smell and taste to it that I think is like Guerlain’s fragrance, described as “floriental” (hmm, that’s got a nice ring to it — floriental). I clearly wouldn’t know if the other Rouges have the same scent, this is my first remember?

Guerlain Rose Grenat swatch
Guerlain Rose Grenat lip swatch2
Pardon the swatches! My arm is undeniably warmer compared to my face.


Why did it took me this long to experience the Rouge G de Guerlain ? Oh wait, yeah, the price tag.

I don’t care though. I’m giving this a two-thumbs up. Packaging, opacity, finish, longevity and color — hands down worth every rave and praise. This particular Rouge G de Guerlain is a clear winner. Now what possible dupes can the Rose Grenat have?

The Rose Grenat Lipstick retails at $54 (gasp!) and is still available at Neiman Marcusย despite being a limited edition. Get it and you won’t regret a single thing, I promise, except maybe that dent in your wallet.


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16 thoughts on “A Rose For Any Season: The Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick in 864 Rose Grenat

  1. So gorgeous! ๐Ÿ˜€ I looked for this one in Dubai actually, but couldn’t find it! Super envious! They’re $88 or so here, so I wil have to live vicariously through you – but you’re looking great in it, so it’s a good life!


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