MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Blushes

MAC Alluring Aquatics6

The Extra Dimension Blush is my all-time favorite blush formula from MAC. Just so you know, they’re the only blushes from MAC I go gaga for.

As you’ve seen from my previous photos I’ve posted, I grabbed both shades released in the Alluring Aquatic collection and I’m having fun alternating the two this week.

Click on the link to know more about what I thought of them.

The Review:

MAC Sea Me Hear Me Blush
MAC Sea Me Hear Me Blush2

Sea Me, Hear Me is described as a beige pink. I think it looks more like a warm-toned coral with a hint of pink and a subtle sheen.

MAC Seduced At Sea Blush
MAC Seduced At Sea Blush2

Seduced At Sea is described as a mid-tone neutral plum. On the swatch, it’s a peachy orange with a slight shimmer.

These two are extremely blendable and buildable, traits that I’ve experienced every time with the other Extra Dimension Blushes, making me fall in love with them in the first place. These two both have soft, finely-milled textures that is not powdery at all. Aside from the lovely texture, they also give me a soft, subtle glow that makes me feel like I’ve got healthier looking skin. They don’t emphasize my pores and the shimmer’s not really all that noticeable on my cheeks. Both last for at least 7 hours before fading.

MAC Sea Me Hear Me Blush swatch
MAC Seduced At Sea Blush swatch

Is it just me or has MAC gotten both of their color descriptions wrong? It seems like  Sea Me, Hear Me should be the  “mid-tone neutral plum”. At least, it looked like a plum in the pan and Seduced At Sea certainly had the “beige pink” going on. Maybe during production, someone switched up all the labels? If that’s the case, that’ll be one big whoops!

I’ve been layering each blush on my cheeks twice and it has been my belief since I first tried them that no matter how heavy someone’s application is, one can never achieve a “clown-cheek” look with these. And that’s the beauty of these Extra Dimension Blushes! Subtle and beautiful, just the way I love it!

These two deserve a two thumbs up from me!

Now, it’s your turn. What’s your favorite blush formula from MAC? Is it also the Extra Dimension ones?


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10 thoughts on “MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Blushes

  1. Huhuhuhu dumaan ako sa MAC kahapon tapos huhuhu wala na yung blush sold out na huhuhuhu naiinis ako huhuhuhu these look so pretty pa naman!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu

    Anyway, sa August daw release ng Osbourne collection dito. I want!


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