MAC Aphrodite’s Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer

MAC Aphrodites Shell

I love bronzers. There, I admit it. I’m a bronzer fiend for falling in love with a product that can give me a sun-less tan.

I’m so in love with them that I’d rather skip a blush than go out without wearing any bronzer. Seriously.

Well, when MAC introduced a new bronzer — an extra dimension bronzer at that — in their recent summer collection, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon, no questions asked. It was just a matter of which shade will suit me best. Swatches online showed that Delphic was too warm for my tastes and so I went ahead and bought the other.

The Review:

MAC Aphrodites Shell2

Aphrodite’s Shell is described as a golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer. To me, it translates to a slightly warm-toned, golden brown that doesn’t look shimmery at all but rather, it gives me that overall healthy glow in my face that I found myself loving (I’m constantly complimented ever since I started wearing it). One layer is too sheer though so I have to build it up to 2-3 layers before it shows up on me.

Personally, I think this bronzer is well-suited for those fair to light skinned ladies and those who apply makeup with a heavy hand (I bet that no one can overapply with these). The bronzer itself is soft, easily blendable and buildable that’s neither chalky or powdery at all. No fallout noted here either. It also does not emphasize the pores on the sides of my nose and lasts an impressive time of 8-9 hours before fading nicely.

MAC Aphrodites Shell swatch

I do hope that MAC will release more shades of their Extra Dimension Bronzers in their future collections and make them more pigmented than this one. The sheerness of this bronzer prevents me from giving it my two thumbs up. But other than that, this is a lovely product that I predict I will be reaching for constantly.

Did any of you manage to grab this particular kind of bronzer? What did you think of it?
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14 thoughts on “MAC Aphrodite’s Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer

  1. This looks amazing, I mean asides from the freaking beautiful compact the color is nice and medium and would be so wearable as an all over bronzer and even as a light contour!


  2. This looks like a really nice, pale bronzer! I tend to shy away from bronzers in general (more because they run orange than because they run dark) but this one looks quite light! Still a bit too yellow-based for my skin, I think, though…


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