MAC Mangrove Lipstick Review

MAC Mangrove3

I get intrigued by a new lip product mainly because of how well it performs and how beautiful it looks in swatches. Packaging too, if you’re like me who gets fooled every time by limited edition tubes and compacts.

Enter the collection from Proenza Schouler and with 4 new lipstick shades to choose from, I just had to go with something bright for the summer. Well that and how everyone else favored Mangrove over the others.

The Review:

MAC Mangrove
MAC Mangrove2

The lipsticks from the MAC x Proenza Schouler collection come in square tubes with a shiny metallic cap in a spectral gradient of colors that start from green then down to purple. I will repeat, I’m a sucker for limited edition packaging.

Mangrove is described as a bright clean orange red with a matte finish. On me, it comes off as a warm-toned red with some coral undertones. It offered opaque coverage with one swipe. There was some minor lip tugging on application but it’s more creamy compared to other mattes I’ve tried from MAC. A good lip preparation with exfoliation and lip balm is required before I put it on because it clings to the dry patches on my lips. It was drying in the time I wore it, which is a full 5 hours, so a balm should be ever ready and on hand to be reapplied constantly. It also left a nice reddish-coral stain on my lips after it wore off for 2 hours or so.

MAC Mangrove swatch
MAC Mangrove swatch compact
Pardon the blurry lip swatch. I’m trying to
be creative.


It’s a shame that this is a matte. My lips tend to peel and chap whenever I wear mattes from MAC. This would’ve been a hit for me based on the color and pigmentation. But the finish? It left me feeling frustrated. (However, I still believe in the possibility that MAC will one day produce a matte that I can wear comfortably enough without the need for any lip balm.)

Any of you bought any lipsticks from the Proenza Schouler collection?
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9 thoughts on “MAC Mangrove Lipstick Review

  1. Nikki! I can’t see any of the photos 😦 I don’t know why.

    Just googled for the swatches, I’m not familiar with this one. It looks like a coral version of MAC Lady Danger.


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